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Bo Xilai's Last statement in Court Touches the Heart of Millions of Chinese

27 August 2013


家国兴衰燃眉急,个人荣辱身外事, 作茧吐丝做人衣,忠贞不树闯王旗。

Comments collected from

司马平邦:Every word of the statement is like a gem that shines, which touches the deepest corner in your heart and makes you weep.

肖璀:I'm no longer at a sentimental age, but when reading Bo Xilai's statement, I could not hold back my tears!!

敢于斗争敢于胜利:This trial helps me understand about the faith held by a true CCP member.

中出宪政柏拉图:I used to think that after Chairman Mao's generation passed away, there was no genuine Communist left in China. Now I know we still have one and have a great one.

艰难的活着4:When reading the statement I cried, and I cried so much that I was unable to eat my lunch.

引古论今:After spent so much public fund on searching for evidences against Bo Xilai yet still find nothing, who should be held responsible for wasting taxpayer's money?

占豪:300 people, 500 days, went high and low all over the world ... yet in the end only prove how incorruptible he is, would do call it a comedy or a tragedy?

_小柳说我是撇了条的火鸡:Now I'm a CCP follower too, since I've witnessed there is a true Communist among 80 million CCP members.

只为了救你:The trial let me know there is an incorruptible official in China that is Bo Xilai.

ndyj1988: Nowadays we don't have many good officials like Bo Xilai. I strongly demand to free Bo Xilai!!!

whba*****698093: Tears flowing, he's such a good man. The guy stole 27 billion dollars from public purse (Wen Jiabao), why the Heaven still hasn't sent a lightening to strike him to death.

milijk: I don't like to throw curse around, but today I have to shout out loud: persecutor, you insult him, you are more filthy and stupid than pigs!

成田子:Five-day trial makes everything clear! This is a political set up! All right, we 1.3 billion people are watching how you are gonna deliver the verdict! We are waiting!

benben马甲: He did not disappoint his supporters.

文竹ABC围脖:If I'm guilty of supporting Bo Xilai, Then I feel proud for being guilty.

ningning2006: To a great hero like him, personal reputation counts for nothing.

老神仙老爸:If China has a lot of government officials like Bo Xilai, nothing can stop China from resurrection.

万道归一:The trial proves one thing, that our country still has hope and the CCP still can be saved, because we have man like Bo Xilai. Of course, whether this hope can be transformed into reality, it depends on how the authority treats Bo Xilai.


Su Wu the Sheep Herder
Artist: Hu Mingjun (胡明君)

Su Wu (140BC - 60BC) was a high ranking government official living in the time of the Great Han dynasty. Despite being exiled to wildness for 19 years accompanied by a flock of sheep after his mission beyond the border went wrong, he refused to join the external enemy force (the Huns) to tear down the Great Wall in order to establish a savage Hun empire in China in exchange for an opportunity to play a notable role in history. His allegiance to his nation could not be changed no matter under what kind of circumstance.

Classic Chinese music: Su Wu Herded Sheep


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