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the Trial of the Century or the Joke of the World?

25 August 2013

把俺嘴上的手拿开: The trial only proves one thing: Bo Xilai has done nothing wrong. If keep trialing like this I think the persecution team will find themselves standing accused of falsifying the evidences and manipulating the witnesses.

司马平邦:Good idea. The persecution team should start to try each other.

江上一叶舟:Go home, the prosecution team.

平安汾离:What is this botched trial? They could not even get witness to stand for cross examination. Stop fooling around.

柯南三世:If they keep handling the trial like this, they'll gain no respect from anyone in the world.

沈瑞东sheraton: A large group of my right-wing friends now become Bo Xilai's supporers after three days of tiral.

**网友:China has now ruled by a mafia-like group, and the video footages of the trial shown on the state TV news are all purposely edited to mislead the public. We can't hear one word from Bo Xilai but packs of lies from the questionable witnesses. China's reality is too dark too dreadful.


乌托邦之友:According to the info from reliable source, Bo Xilai was a workaholic and often worked overnight until next morning. His wife Gu Kailai thought he had affairs with somebody and got very angry which prompted her to take their son Guagua to Britain to study.

Bo Xilai's wife used to own five top most profitable legal firms with high profile clients not only in China but from the Untied States. When she decided to close her business, she had tens of millions of savings in her bank accounts.

After the state-run media is forced to shut its filthy mouth and stop trying to influence the court process under the massive pressure from the public locally and internationally, the State Council Information Office seems to have found a new running dogs to bark at the defendant. Some China's police bureaus began to launch vicious personal attack on Bo Xilai.

Jinan Court, a legal brothel? One Chinese weibo user asked: "From where the Jinan Court recruited so many paid commentators to enter pro-authority message?"


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