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Chinese Public Demand to Let Gu Kailai Testify in Court

25 August 2013

师学军:I just checked the Code of Criminal Procedure. According to Clause 78, if witness refuses to appear in court to testify without plausible excuse, the evidences collected from his/her must not be used against the defendant.

禅品天下:Does Chinese law encourage family members to incriminate one another without taking any legal responsibility?

太史**:The dominant public opinion considers this trial is basically unlawful. If China wants to make any meaningful legal progress, and use this case to help improve China's legal system, the trial should be abolished and defendant must go free.

自天地广:Just for the sake of the key witness refusing to appear in court to testify, Bo Xilai cannot be considered guilty of anything.

书童***: Now the entire world is waiting for the key witness to appear in court, I think those real guilty ones who committed forgery by falsifying the evidences against Bo Xilai will be get into a real trouble.

锥鱼:Since most evidences against Bo Xilai is allegedly from his wife, she has no right to choose not to face cross examination.

天暖V4: Judging by persecutor's refusal to let the key witness appear in court, we have a good reason to assume the evidences are extracted from her through unlawful method.

同道堂2011: In a lot of time, written evidence contains no truth, audio and video record also may contain no truth, since they can be edited.

水木风***: Some people think they are staging a trial of justice, yet their key witnesses is afraid to show up in public! Obviously, once she comes to the courtroom and faces her husband, all truth will come out in no time. Bo Xilai may never meet the woman in the video before in his life.

*****手拿开:They don't know how to deal with Japanese who claim China's Diaoyu Island, but know well how deal their political rivals who harm their personal interest. Sadly, they rule our motherland today.

马齐明NO2:If the court indeed wants to dig up truth, they should re-open the cases of Gu Kailai's murder of British Citizen and Wang Lijun's abscond to the US Consulate.

熙来薄:Bo Xilai, hold your ground, we all support you.


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