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An Imposter, Again?

23 August 2013

The second day's "open trial" of Bo Xilai by Jinan Court involved no "live broadcast" with Chinese characteristics which is image-deprived and animation-lacking (according to China's state media it demonstrates Chinese authority's confidence - how tragic it must be then: just after one day, the confidence apparently has gone with the wind). The timely-delayed and heavily-edited court records somehow mainly contain the persecutor's "evidences" (without witness) that have already been forced fed to the public for weeks, if not months, but the most important part in the hearing, the defendant's testimony and his lawyers cross examination are by and large missing. No wonder some Chinese mentioned this trial in the same breath with the medieval-style witch hunt by the Cathartic church or the Reichstag fire trial in the Nazi Germany.

The most despicable thing this medieval or fascist court did yesterday is to use a wife against her husband (as a nasty precedent is set, those initiators may not be able to escape the same fate easily). Yet despite the repeated pleas made by the defendant to talk to his wife face to face so as to clarify the matter, the court rejected this most reasonable request in the excuse that his wife does not wish to show up in the courtroom, while in the same time demanding the defendant to answer his wife's alleged accusations against him. Note, Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai are known as one of the most loving couples in China and the way Bo Xilai got himself arrested involved the exploitation of this loving relationship by the authority - Gu Kailai was taken away when Bo Xilai was not home and the couple did not have a chance to say goodbye. It was only after a month or so, Bo Xilai was informed that he could visit his wife in detention. That night, Bo was excited and packed some clean clothes for his wife's use while in custody. But when he went there, he did not find his wife but found himself becoming a prisoner. And now the court tries to force him to believe that his beloved wife made testimony against him, and forces him to accept it without talking to his wife.

Of course, the persecutor did have prepared a video that shows how his wife has rejuvenated both mentally and physically after being sentenced to death, and how cheerfully and eagerly she signed testimony to frame her son's father without even bothering to check the document.

This is a screen shot from that bizarre video:

And the woman in the photos below is also allegedly to be Bo Xilai's wife when she appeared in court a year ago (no wonder Chinese authority would accuse Bo Xilai of keeping sexual relationship with several women):


The following are the real photos of Gu Kailai taken in January 2007 after being poisoned by heavy metal and developed mental disorders:


As you can see, Gu Kailai is a mentally mature, sharp and intelligent but physically frail woman around fifty with well-developed eye bags. Five years later, while still very sick, she would become a mentally dummy while physically robust woman as shown on the left photo below, and six years later she would turn out to be a healthy and cheerful near-60-year old young lady like the one shown on the right photo below. Where are her eyebags by the way?


And after all, can the woman on the left and on the right be the same one?

Now let's take a look at a genuine Gu Kailai about ten years ago. The photos below were taken with Bo Xilai in Dalian, the city where the alleged bribery taken place:


And here is a letter by Bo Xilai's 90-year old mother-in-law, Lady Fan Chengxiu, addressed to China's law enforcement authority (handwritten probably by Wang Zhen, a brave Bo Xilai supporter):


On the afternoon of April 19, I received a phone call from the prison authority, informing me to meet my daughter Gu Kailai for one hour on my own. I was not allowed to have any of my family member to go with me, even just for the purpose of preventing me from slippery fall.

After seeing my daughter's deviant condition in the prison, my heart was full of anxiety which hurts me greatly.


I was shocked as I walked into the visiting room and saw Gu Kailai being surrounded by six or seven prison guards around the table. She had a such wax face and her big eyes were deeply sunken in the eye sockets. She was emotionless with no life in her eye. My heart was in pain. I said to her, Kailai, how come your face looks so yellow? She was silent. ...........

Once again I plea you permit me and my family to visit Gu Kailai routinely which is part of our legal rights. Please show mercy for her and take care of her illness. Gu Kailai was poisoned in 2006 by heavy metal which results serious mental problems. Please allow her to continue her medical treatment.

Ask yourself, is it possible that Gu Kailai whom her mother met four months ago is the same one shown in the video?


Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai in Dalian when Bo was the mayor of the city.

A real Gu Kailai in her 40s

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