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Li Keqiang's state Council Tries to Hijack the Judiciary

23 August 2013

blatant judicial intervention by China's State media

While using the trial of Bo Xilai to draw public attention away from the reinstallation of a concession zone in Shanghai (on the first day of the trial Chinese State Council announced its final approval of the so-called "free trade zone" in which some Chinese laws will not apply), the State Council is very unhappy with yesterday's court hearing as the accused got an opportunity to refute the fraud corruption accusations manufactured through compulsion and credence given by the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection once led by He Guoqiang (贺国强), who like vice premier Wang Yang was a governor of Chongqing before Bo Xilai and had a close tie with "Black Gangs" (黑帮) that were prosecuted by Bo Xilai. So yesterday the State Council Information Office instructed a number of online news portals to publish on their homepage articles attacking Bo Xilai for his audacity to enter a not guilty plea.

It is a classic example of how the state power hijacks the judicial process, which in any legal system would constitute the violation of law.

China does have the a set of regulations that requires the journalists and editors to take an unbiased standpoint when approaching and reporting a court case before final verdict is delivered. In this regard, the State Council Information Office and some state media outlets, that run articles to interfere the Bo Xilai trial process under the pressure from the State Council, have broken the law and are responsible for the corrupted legal reality in general and the possible miscarriage of justice in relation to Bo Xilai trial in particular.

A Chinese pennamed 织围脖是种态度2013 asked on weibo:

"After reading the wicked articles published on several major state-run online presses today, do you still think that the Jinan trial will do Bo Xilai justice?"

Below are some comments on State Council's lawlessness that we collected from

闲花落地:The official media began to launch a blistering personal attack on Bo Xilai like a typical shrewd would do. The next shall be to demand the court to deliver a guilty verdict regardless the evidence.

反毛者乃畜牲:In the middle of the court hearing, the State Council Information Office jumps out to accuse the accused of being a thug for refuting the wrong accusations, who is a real thug?

More online comments from Chinese Netizens:

郑州李爷***:State media's attack on Bo Xilai's not guilty plea is outrageous. Does the right for accused to defend themselves against the accusations during cross examination still exist in China? What's wrong with telling the truth?


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