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Miscarriage of Justice

23 August 2013

After yesterday's setback in courtroom, which wins more support for Bo Xilai than ever, Chinese authority decided to cancel the "live broadcast" (in writing and presented through Today's release of the court records not only were delayed in time but heavily edited with many mistakes such as duplication and inconsistency, while Bo Xilai's testimonies few and sketchy. Clearly, many of his words have been removed from the published documents.

After made nasty tricks like this, China's state television smugly commented that Bo Xilai's testimonies lack consistency. We think the head of the CCTV, as well as everyone involved in producing and broadcasting this piece of botched news, seriously lack basic human decency, so are the Li Keqiang and his State Council Information Office that controls the CCTV.

The following screen shot shows the pathetic result after the rough edit of the court record:

济南中院:The morning session concluded and our spokesman will release the details of the hearing at a news conference late on.

kuangfengbaimi: Where is your live broadcast!?

中出宪政柏拉图:In the courtroom are the "mass" carefully arranged by the authority, outside the courtroom are the journalists traveled to Jinan from all over the world only to get a chance to take pictures of a webpage shown on TV screen, and on the weibo, numerous posts are deemed unsuitable for public viewing or simply deleted - this is the alleged "open trial"! The evidences your guys presented are either from convicted swindler or mentally impaired individual, what a spectacular shame you've brought on your ruling party. Bah, you are really damned!!!

波斯小昭: Yesterday's court record embarrassed the persecution party so today they decide not to release full record but show his wife's testimony video. Since you lost your debate to Bo Xilai, are you trying to gain the ground by hurting him emotionally?


China's Law expert and public Deem the Bribery evidences against Bo Xilai are extremely fishy that can not stand scrutiny










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