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Bo Xilai's Son thanks those who withstood the pressure to bear false witness

23 August 2013
Bo Xilai family in courtroom yesterday. From left to right: Bo Xilai's first born Li Wangzhi, Bo Xilai's sister Bo Xiaoyin, Bo Xilai's sister-in-law Gu Wangjiang, Bo Xilai's borothers Bo Xiyong and Bo Xining.

Bo Xilai's elder son Li Wangzhi who attended the court hearing in Jinan yesterday published a statement on the New York Times. He said he was proud that his father still has strength to stand by truth after 500 days of ordeal. But the most interesting part in his statement is his reveal that the witness was pressured to give false testimony against his father.

Therefore it is clear that during the stages of investigation and preparation for trial some individuals or groups have committed forgery.

Conclusion: the detention and trial of Bo Xilai is unlawful and those who involved in forgery are the ones should be investigated and tried.


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