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The Trial of the People's Hero

22 August 2013

Heavy police presence has surrounded the Jinan Intermediate Anti-people's Court and road blockages are set to prevent people from getting near the court building. The front gate and the side doors are all guarded by armed police officers in full military gear.

What that tells the world? It tells that the one being tried have a massive support from the public while the ones trying him represent the minority interest groups in the country which is why they are in such a panic mode.

Did you ever watch films or operas that depict how Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist Party put the CCP members on trial? Those sat in the judge's seat were in a panic stricken mindset. You may think they are just tall tales, but when you observe what is taking place in Jinan today, will you still dismiss them as fictions?

Here are what Chinese said online:

白純的围脖:Who spread the rumours that it would be a public trial? [The head of the State Council's Information Office must be charged for allowing the the court and the state-run media to produce and spread rumours - Multipletext]

拼凑支离的碎片:Is this really a People's Court?

进击的丢那圣:Why don't allow us to enter comments about the trial?

黄复雄:So this is so-called public trial.

东山禽兽: The judge in the Jinan Court, please do speak according to the already written script, and remember, don't get the punctuation wrong!

****相信你:I'm going to work now. At 8:30 am [the time when the unlawful trial of Bo Xilai begins - Multipletext], I'll sound the horns!



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