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Bo Xilai plead Not Guilty to the Trumped up Corruption Charges (2)

22 August 2013

The following are some responses from Chinese Netizens after viewing Bo Xilai's performance in the court today:

魅力阜阳日暖1: The prosecutor said Mr Bo committed a crime of bribery for trying to benefit the state enterprise. Can't believe this guy can be so crooked. If this is the case, all public servants should be charged for directly or indirectly taking the bribe.

AC蓦然回首:The boss of a family business that produced roast seeds once sent a letter along with a bag of seeds to Deng Xiaoping, which resulted the boom of the private enterprises in China with that brand of seeds dominated Chinese market for decades. Isn't that a more serious bribery crime than what the prosecutor accused Bo Xilai of?

春播-秋收: If this should be considered bribery, then all those government officials who try to improve the profit earnings for the state-run enterprises ought to be locked behind bars.

上海热度: What else you expect from the prosecutor when we could have a vice premier spitting dummy in America.

中出现正柏拉图: I doubt the Jinan Court is really trying to prove Bo Xilai is guilty of anything. I think they are actually working on attracting more fans for him! I was sort of thinking he was okay and did some good things that the CCP should do, but now I regard him a true hero. Mr Bo, form now on I'm your die-hard fan!


Bo Xilai Pleaded Not Guilty to the Corruption Charges (1)

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