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Bo Xilai Supporters Vow to Reject any Guilty Verdict Against People's hero

21 August 2013

It is known that over 90 percent of people in China are pro-Bo Xilai, which is why Chinese authority has to impose stringent online censorship, deploy armed forced to defend the Jinan court, remove any information about the court staff members from the official website and check passengers' ID on the trains heading towards the city under siege. For appeasing a public that becomes infuriated with the government coercion and oppression over the unconstitutional trial of Bo Xilai, the Jinan court arranges a "live broadcast" of the court hearing. Yet the broadcast can only be viewed in a designated hotel. What a joke!

Let's hear more what China's cyber users have said about the botched trial:

人民的怒火***: As they carry out the persecution in such a vulgar, provocative and abusive manner, they are actually destroying the moral foundation of the nation.

****秋在行动:I used to believe I was so lucky to live in a time of peace and prosperity, yet now I'm here witnessing one of the most tragic and evil incidents in history to unfold.

****武候坡:This is not a real court hearing but a staged show. Please do not feel surprised when you see some incredible things happening in the courtroom. Nowadays the West has made a great progress in the biochemical science and technology which is able to influence, control and manipulate people's mind.

人民怒火***: No matter how they try to prove he is guilty, I just won't believe them, even when Bo Xilai himself pleas guilt before the judge!

**思:The new round of vicious smear campaign waged against Bo Xilai by the authority only convinces me that he is totally innocent.

顶尖酒店**:They are not just persecute the nation's hero but the nation's spirit; they will not only lose a good official but the public support.

青山踏歌**: Such a "China Dream" is a nightmare.

人民的怒火***: Bo Xilai left China's political stage, like the last streak of sunset glow that has been devoured by an immense darkness, gone with him is the aspiration of China's resurrection. Yet that last glow illuminates the nation and wakes up the people from their dreams.

[In the picture, a half-naked Li Keqiang wearing old-fashioned Chinese premier's cap and Western-style tie and an underwear printed with symbols of money strides conceitedly along a red carpet after persecuted the defender of the nation, Bo Xilai.]

大众老虎:(Premier Li Keqiang) would demand the People's Congress to remove some Chinese regulations governing the interstate financial trading in Shanghai's free trading zone. For such a big policy change, there is no feasibility study before the decision is made. And when he met the opposition from some surveillance bodies, he became so upset that he banged the table in towering rage. Just what or who is chasing after him that gives him such a sense of urgency [to reinstall a concession zone in Shanghai - Multipletext]?

鲲鹏击浪****:Without getting rid of the treacherous interest group, The First Emperor of Qin would not be able to unify China. [Without getting rid of the treacherous interest group represented by Li Keqiang's State Council, China could fall apart again - Multipletext]


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