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Will Bo Xilai be Drugged by the Chinese Authority?

20 August 2013




The anti-Bo Xilai forces at home and abroad have done almost everything possible to get proof that he is guilty of something, including launching smear campaigns, faking evidences, falsifying testimonies and forging property ownership documents. An ethical transgression as such is utterly unprecedented in the CCP's history.

Yet one year on, they are still unable to produce any convincing evidence that will withstand a genuine cross examination. The so-called luxury mansion overseas was never Bo family's possession, but a property belonged to a Chinese businessman [who once had a close relationship with both Bo Xilai and former premier Wen Jiabao families. The guy died some time ago while in police custody which is rather suspicious]. Look at the government officials in China today, from county chiefs to the men in the top level leadership team, does any of them have a guts to stand up and say he is more honest than Bo Xilai and his family is clearer than Bo family? [In fact Bo Xilai is the only high-ranking government official who wanted to declare his family assets which, many believe, is the direct cause for him to be speedily sacked and arrested - Multipletext.]

Now a bunch of corrupted officials [who by now still refuse to declare their family assets - Multipletext] reckon they are on the position to try an honest man for the crimes that actually committed by themselves. While doing so, they also think they have the right to order people to shut up. When we have political leaders like this, can you ever expect Chinese court to hold up justice?

国际国内的倒薄斗士们,为了拿下薄熙来,费尽了心机。他们采用设计、收买、圈套、抹黑、栽赃、造假等一系列非法勾当,近乎不择手段加丧心病狂。谱写了一曲 自中共建党以来,从未有过的中共与自己的敌人大联合的旷世神曲;上演了一幕中共与反中共的力量步调一致,同心协力打倒中共自己的一位高级干部的超级闹剧。

倒薄势力花了一年多的时间,翻箱倒柜、挖地三尺、收买拷问,好不容易才编织了几百万的金额,外加一套所谓的海外豪宅,而且是一套在法律上并不为薄家所拥有的房产,硬生生给薄熙来按上了一个贪腐的罪名。 看看中共如今的官场,小到一个县官,大到中央层级,还有几个人敢说自己比薄熙来更廉洁、自己的家族比薄家更干净?

如今,一群脑满肠肥的巨贪们,却摆出一副正人君子的模样,以贪腐的罪名来审判别人,这将会是多么大的一个历史笑话?秦桧要审岳飞,陈世美要斩包公,这样颠 倒的闹剧,还有什么社会正义可言?未判先押、未审先判、栽赃陷害、网罗罪名,法律的公正何在?程序的正义有吗?压制民意、限制舆论、搞虚假的一面倒支持, 民主的精神是这样展示的吗?


While drawing public attention to the trial of Bo Xilai, they begin their work on privatising railway, privatising farmland and re-colonising a portion of Shanghai.


More Chinese comments on unlawful trial of Bo Xilai collected by 寒江钓雪 and posted on

- After the WWII, the US recruited the nazi scientists studying bio warfare from Germany and Japan to work in America. I believe without using some sort of drugs to compromise Bo Xilai's mind, there is no way they are able to face Bo Xilai in court.

- 二次大战后,美国把德意日纳粹研究神经、毒气、细菌的科学家都弄到美国去继续研究去了。不用致幻剂,根本无法审薄 !

- [If some people in Chinese government are ruthless enough to make 1.3 billion people as US bio company's guinea pigs, nothing could stop them from trying US bio weapons on their political enemies. - Multipletext]

- 看来:用药物控制中枢系统的阴谋已经得逞……(有五角大楼的支持,他们内奸卖国贼们能得到纳粹和“571”的毒气、细菌、药物专家们提供的任何最新‘科研成果’)

- According to what we know about Bo Xilai, if he fails to make a strong and touching presentation in the court on Thursday, his mind must be compromised by authority's drugs.

- 根据薄的个性,在法庭上,如果不是慷慨陈词,就只有两种情况:1、法庭上的薄熙来是替身;2、是被‘致幻’了的薄熙来!

- Anyone who has an opportunity to watch the show of the trial in the courtroom, please take a note on Bo Xilai's facial expression, as well as the expression and body language of the witnesses when they give testimonies -- since nothing the authority is incapable of.

- 能进去旁听的,不仅要细心观察薄的神智,还要细心观察所有证人的神智——他们什么卑劣下作的事都干得出来的!”

- 济南法院那么多审判员、审判长,为什么都不选,偏偏选个美国培养出来的王旭光审中国的共产党员?

- 8.22,是邓小平生日;又是审判薄熙来的日子;是苏联实质存在的最后一天。


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