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The New York Times: Bo Guagua's Statement

20 August 2013

Bo Xilai's son Bo Guagua has released his statement which was published on The New York Times on August 19:

Baby Bo Guagua with his parents (Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai) and his grandfather Bo Yibo

It has been 18 months since I have been denied contact with either my father or my mother. I can only surmise the conditions of their clandestine detention and the adversity they each endure in solitude. I hope that in my father’s upcoming trial, he is granted the opportunity to answer his critics and defend himself without constraints of any kind. However, if my well-being has been bartered for my father’s acquiescence or my mother’s further cooperation, then the verdict will clearly carry no moral weight. My mother, who is now silenced and defenseless, cannot respond to the opportunistic detractors that attack her reputation with impunity. She has already overcome unimaginable tribulation after the sudden collapse of her physical health in 2006 and subsequent seclusion. Although it is of little comfort to my anxiety about her state of health, I know that she will continue to absorb all that she is accused of with dignity and quiet magnanimity.

Blow is a Chinese version of the statement, translated by 远航一号, the duly editor of (中文翻译“红色中国“网站责任编辑远航一号):

我被断绝与父亲和母亲的联系已经长达18个月了。我只能推测他们被秘密监禁的情况以及他们在幽禁中各自忍受的苦难。我希望在即将开始的对我父亲的审判中,他能够获得机会回答他的批评者,并且在不受任何束缚的情况下为他自己辩护。然而,如果是以我的生活平安为代价,来换取我父亲的默认或者我母亲的进一步的合作,那么,这样的判决显然在道义上一文不值。 我的母亲,现在被剥夺了说话的权利并且也无法为她自己辩护,她自然不能反驳那些机会主义的落井下石者们;这些人可以任意诋毁她的声誉而不受惩罚。自从2006年她的健康状况突然恶化以后,她便生活在隐居中,此后承受了令人难以想象的痛苦。我知道,她将继续以无损于其尊严的方式坦然地面对她所被指控的一切,尽管这并不能丝毫减轻我对她健康状况的担忧。

Some of the comments posted on the


Good on you, Bo Guagua. My home in Germany is also yours now, and you are welcome to stay at any time. You must not go back to China, because they will use you to blackmail your parents.



Now the truth has come out! The fake CCP would be go so low as to blackmail Bo Xilai with the safety of his son, if this is not a blatant fascism then what else will be? Take your stand, Bo Guagua. You can continue your study in many other countries, and the friends of the all around world are happy to help you. Remember, do not go back to China. Let's keep in touch through this website.

真相大白于天下了! 伪共卑鄙地以孩子为要挟压薄熙来认罪,这不是赤裸裸的超法西斯手段么? 瓜瓜要挺住。项老师说得好,你可以到很多国家去游学,红色网友都会欢迎接待你,现在就是不要回中国去,切记。 红中网上联系。


This mafia-like ruling group is utterly inhumane who could cut the tie of contact between parents and child for 18 months. Guagua's statement makes it clear that he wishes his parents not to sacrifice their dignity for the sake of his safety.



Mr Bo has done too much for his people! Please take care of yourself now! We'll forever stand by your side!!!



Chinese Salute Bo Xilai

骑士(***): By the time the news of the trial was announced, the comment function on tens of millions of websites was disabled. The Global Times was the only online portal that allowed readers' feedbacks, as the result it displayed a landslide support (counted for 98%) for Bo Xilai. Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Pao conducted a survey that day, and found over 95% of responders standing by Bo Xilai with just 0.08% thinking he is guilty whiles another 4% saying they knew nothing about the Bo case. But the survey was soon disappeared from the newspaper's website - maybe some guys are too afraid to let people learn the truth.

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