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Obama: WE CAN!

1 August 3013

Obama: The Koran War wasn't a tie but a victory for us. Because we can.

Americans: You mean we could, we could win?

Obama: No, we could not win, but we can.

Americans: You mean to start a new Korean War?

Obama: No, not yet and maybe never will, but we can.

Americans: We can what then?

Obama: Despite we didn't win and we couldn't win the Korean War, but we can and always can say we won the Korean War. We are in a democratic country and I have a right to freedom of expression, do you have a problem with that?


How US Lost the Korean War

"We face an entirely new war," MacArthur notified Washington on November 28, 1950. On the following day he instructed General Walker of the US 8th Army to make whatever withdrawals necessary to escape being enveloped by Chinese force.

Chinese and North Korean armies concluded the second phase counter offensive by joining forces at the east coast after delivered a crushing blow to US dream of the Home-by-Christmas (and they never recovered from the blow, not even by now).

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