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You shall reap what you sow

19 August 2013

Heaven is in rage and Beijing was hit hard by a force from above on August 11 (Photo credit to 周本泉)

Those in Beijing who made false accusations against Bo Xilai with regard to his son's overseas education expenses, please take a good look at the following facts:

How many offspring of high-ranking government officials were/are not studying overseas?

To begin with, where is President Xi Jinping's daughter right now?

After all, why would Chongqing governor Sun Zhengcai take an offer from Monsanto to visit America? How much financial benefits he collected from GMO import was spent on paying the bills for his son studying in the US?

Further, when allowing Bo Xilai's wife to be persecuted and humiliated by his political rivals, did Xi Jinping ever pause to think even just for one second that a karmic retribution could bounce back in outrage and hit hard the star on the Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List 2013?

Also, since when Premier Li Keqiang's wife, a foreign language teacher, became a prominent business entrepreneur with a qualification to chair China's entrepreneur club? And how much she has earned from her book published and sold with free-promotion by state media after her husband became premier? And how much the Li couple and their daughter have benefited from her book-selling business?


Bo Guagua's Statement


Good on you, Bo Guagua. My home in Germany is also yours now, and you are welcome to stay at any time. You must not go back to China, because they will use you to blackmail your parents.

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