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Chinese Salute People's Leader Bo Xilai

19 August 2013

A Chongqing resident posted Bo Xilai's image online with the following message:

Bo Xilai is a fool, and he's so foolish that his foolishness breaks the heart of the people in Chongqing. It is until now we've just fully realised how silly he has been:

He knew there were a pack of tricks and traps waiting for him in Beijing, but he still decided to go there to show the powerbrokers that he had nothing to hide; There were so many opportunities for him and his wife to make a truckload of money, but he preferred to spend his time looking after the poor; He could live an easy life and climb up the political ladder by joining the powerful forces that dominate Chinese society, but he sent the corrupted officials and criminal gangs behind bars.

骑士(***): By the time the news of the trial was announced, the comment function on tens of millions of websites was disabled. The Global Times was the only online portal that allowed readers' feedbacks, as the result it displayed a landslide support (counted for 98%) for Bo Xilai. Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Pao conducted a survey that day, and found over 95% of responders standing by Bo Xilai with just 0.08% thinking he is guilty whiles another 4% saying they knew nothing about the Bo case. But the survey was soon disappeared from the newspaper's website - maybe some guys are too afraid to let people learn the truth.

***牧渔: In today's China, a man like Bo Xilai who is able to pop the nation up and hold the people together is an endangered species among Chinese officials, which is why people fall into despair when witnessing him to be set up and trapped.

Historically, when a dynasty became self-destructive by killing its good officials, the days to its final demise were numbered.

***的毛妞: When you have people in your heart, you will forever have people following you around, no matter where you are, even behind bars.

女学人***: Before the trial Bo Xilai is a symbol inspiring his people, after the trial he will become a banner under which his people gather and rally. The history will witness the return of the hero.

*祥德:When facing a billion people's opposition, the authority still has the nerve to go ahead with the political persecution of the popular hero. I've never seen anyone in my life who would behave so recklessly and so crazy.

**斯-但丁:Who is China's Nelson Mandela is not a matter decided by Lee Kuan Yew [a Singapore politician who is actually a lapdog of the US regime, very much like UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Lee once said that Xi Jinping is like China's Nelson Mandela- Multipletext] but Chinese people. One of Mandela's notable attributes is his long term imprisonment in dictator's jail [ in the meantime being the inspiration for the nation - Multipletext]. Who is the best to fit the bill? [Of course it can only be Bo Xilai not anyone else! - Multipletext]


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