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Insuppressible Voice from Chinese People

18 August 2013

Despite Chinese authority has imposed the most stringent online censorship regime since last night when the date of the unconstitutional trial of Bo Xilai was formally announced, Bo Xilai's supporters, which is said to count for 92 to 98 percent of Chinese population, still find their way to express their views, such as by posting their message in the formats of jpeg, png or animated gif to evade censorship.

The verse in the pic with the background of thunderstorm reads: Don't worry, Bo Xilai, your people will avenge you, and no matter how severe the storms are, nothing can separate you from us.

Below are the posts that successfully dodged censors, for a while:




Last night I was unable to fall into sleep so got up doing some reading online - I felt a deep sense of outrage expressed by those writings ...

I sat before the computer, smoking, one cigarette, another cigarette, and another ....

In the haze, I saw Qu Yuan, Yue Fei, Tan Sitong ....





Before Bo Xilai was arrested, his crimes had already been announced; before the case was put to the court, the guilty verdict has already been determined. It's all about power and has nothing to do with fact or law. But at the same time, people's verdict on those in power has also been handed down: the one being tried will shine through history while those who try him will be forever viewed as criminals.



Chinese Salute Bo Xilai

骑士(***): By the time the news of the trial was announced, the comment function on tens of millions of websites was disabled. The Global Times was the only online portal that allowed readers' feedbacks, as the result it displayed a landslide support (counted for 98%) for Bo Xilai. Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Pao conducted a survey that day, and found over 95% of responders standing by Bo Xilai with just 0.08% thinking he is guilty whiles another 4% saying they knew nothing about the Bo case. But the survey was soon disappeared from the newspaper's website - maybe some guys are too afraid to let people learn the truth.


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