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A Ferocious Summer in China

18 August 2013

For more than a year, the most cathy slogan in China is "挺薄降温“, meaning support Bo Xilai and Drop Wen Jiabao, which reflects a consensus opinion of China's 92% to 98% of people (according to some online researches based on approval and disapproval rates the official anti-Bo and/or pro-Wen articles received). As character "" (wen) in Chinese also stands for temperature, thus "drop wen" can be interpreted as "drop temperature".

But for more than a year, Bo Xilai and his family have been under increasingly more vicious political prosecution, while Wen Jiabao is allowed to get away with his massive economic blunder and multi-billion dollar corruption allegations under the protection of his successor Li Keqiang.

In the meanwhile, China has experienced the hottest summer this year with the temperatures reaching record high which resulted in scores of deaths.

August 7 is the Beginning of Autumn (立秋) in Chinese calendar, one of the four major seasonal turning points in a year, yet it is also a day when in many cities the temperature still ambled around 40 degrees.

Shanghai, China's biggest metropolitan, where a restrained summer pattern of "大热三天“ (a weather condition with temperature above 38 degrees never lasts longer for more than three consecutive days), that had been religiously observed since the records began, has been broken this year. The sweltering days with temperatures near or above 40 continued for about 40 consecutive days, well extended into the era when the new season administration (the autumn) has replaced the old one (the summer).

It was under such suppressive condition a declaration of war against high-temperature was issued through an official channel in Shanghai on August 14, one week after the new regime made a promise of dropping the temperature but was found to have failed its mission:

We wish the Summer Authority would understand that the autumn has been part of the four seasons ever since the time immemorial, and any attempt for the summer to establish hegemony over the entire year will be futile. Despite the summer was able to expand the 40 degree terror rule one week after its official retirement, it has no support from people and will be doomed sooner or later. Nothing can stop the wheels of the out-of-summer vehicle from spinning. The pace of dropping temperature might be slow, but a refreshing world will eventually come and stay. The summer remnants in the autumn are just paper tigers.


Shanghai was not alone in waging war against pro-heat regime. The similar sentiment was expressed by a private Netizen:

With a temperature above 40, you call it the Beginning of the Autumn? Sham on you! I wonder how you are going to keep your position as one of the 24 solar terms with a horrible job performance like this. A change of season without actually changing temperature is an act of indecent assault on people's expectations! I warn the pro-heat regime: By keeping implementing a high-temperature policy, you have lost people's support, and the higher the temperature, the stronger the resistance.


The anti-heat statements attracted massive online responses and below are a few typical ones among the numerous:

不明不白的很E: 说得太好了!降温是必然的!猖狂是一时的!温尾巴是长不了的!! Well said! The temperature must be dropped! He might be able to launch a savage onslaught against people, but his days are numbered!

xzww2012: 是该降温了,温不降,好人难受啊。Must trop the temperature, otherwise the good people will suffer.

广大山人5: 降温是历史的必然. Dropping temperature is the trend of history.

果子guoguo的世界: 这条写的好有气势,看来气温不降是不行滴了 Bravo, it looks he will have to drop high temperature like dropping a hot potato.

这一路到底有多坎坷17: 降温深得人心, 假审必遭天遣人诛. Only when you drop temperature you'll get people to follow you. If you continue to prosecute the fresh air you'll be denounced by people and condemned by heaven.

明亮i微博: 说出了老百姓的心声!进入降温倒计时!This is people's voice! Let's start the countdown for final drop of temperature!

农业工程-张强:打倒高“温”大老虎 Down with high-wen (high -temperature) tiger

连--我爱我的家乡瓦房店:我的妈呀,上海叫板了,谁会害怕呢 OMG, guess who will be scared of the message from Shanghai.

蓝蓝的天_41319渴望降温是全国人民的共同心愿!All Chinese people are looking forward to dropping temperature!

昆仑之墟:强烈要求打秋老虎降温!!!温不降,民无宁日!!!I demand to prosecute the remnant of the summer!!! Without dropping temperature, there will be no peace in China!!!

易交思友:现在还不降温等待何时?!降温!降温!转起来 What are you waiting for? Drop temperature! Drop temperature! Spread the message.

山人点灯:微博万象,高手频出啊!!烦请当局重视民意,表个态呗~ The authority should treat public opinion seriously. Those in the government, please show your true colour ~

布衣华:连绵高温是今夏特色,特色就是另类,另类总不待人见,滚,邪恶的特色。 Long period of scotching weather condition is the summer with 2013 characteristics, which nobody likes. Get lost, you devil characteristics.

sibadakesi2008夏天当局被境外势力操纵了? Is the Summer Authority under the control of the external forces?

梅虔: 终于要变天啦。→→ Look forward the big change of the climate 。→→

引之: 降温是头等大事情,必须降温! Drooping temperature is China's number one task, which must be done without delay!

维纳测度:最近窦娥比较多。 High temperature resulted the wrong prosecution of many innocent people.

Chinese cyber community was virtually in the war against the summer! But do you really think they were just talking about the temperature? Remember what we said earlier that Chinese character for high temperature ( wen) is the same for the surname of former premier Wen Jiabao (温家宝)?

Snow fell in some areas of China's Xinjiang Province on August 13 when in many cities the temperature was around 40 degree. (Photo by 刀郎部落酋长)

Despite there is no clear indication that the earthly regime in China will release the fresh air into atmosphere, the heavenly regime above China has decided to go it alone in seasonal change by dropping the temperature in a rather brutal way. On August 13, a heavy spell of snow fell in China's northwest region, that is a weather situation way beyond the control of the autumn regime. (用冬天倒逼秋天)

We sincerely hope President Xi Jinping will take a good notice of the blunt celestial message. We believe the political persecution of nation's hero and people's leader Bo Xilai, which is basically unlawful right from the beginning, must stop, and the trial of the corrupted and treacherous Wen Jiabao (the high temperature summer authority, 夏天当局) and the investigation of his remnants (秋老虎), such as Li Keqiang and Wang Wang, should begin, which will be Xi Jinping's last chance to convince Chinese people that he is serous about bringing a fresh change to the season.

Failing that, the transformation of the climate could be rather brutal.


Li Keqiang Knows Little to Nothing About Economics

The globalist bankers were invited to design and direct China reform by Chinese premier Li Keqiang, known as the remnant of the summer (秋老虎) who is reported to have said at a conference in June: "We want to use open policy to force China's into taking further reform. (我们要用开放扩大内需,用开放形成倒逼机制,用开放促进新一轮改革.).

However, Li Keqiang is considered by some China's leading economic and political commentators as a man who understands little to nothing about both economics and politics.

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