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Chinese Kids' crash Landing in the US

8 July 2013

The cockpit voice recorder of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 appears to show the South Korean pilots attempting to abort the landing just 1.5 seconds before it crashed at San Francisco International Airport, the National Transportation Safety Board chairman said Sunday, according to an CNN report.

The plane was head up and tail down while landing

A moment of crash


The parents of one of the girls died in crash collapsed when receiving the news

"The flight was coming in too slow and too low" due to pilots' error, which might be the reason why they tried to abort the landing.

Among 307 people on board, 182 were hospitalised with two high school girls from China died in the crash.

It was truly devastating for the parents of the deceased, considering the couples are allowed to have one child only. For decades, China's notorious family planning authority harrases the Han Chinese couples with a child to have a tubal ligation or vasectomy as a measure to prevent them from having a second child. To a people with a culture that traditionally values producing offspring and nurturing next generation as the first priority for a family and for the nation, these measures are as cruel as what Nazi once did to the German Jews - mind, the top officials in the family planning administration were/are mainly the descendents of the Manchus and ethnic Koreans; and mind also the ethnic Koreans and Manchus in the former Manchuria area in China's Northeast are in fact encouraged and even financially rewarded for having second child. But the parents of the two deceased girls are Han Chinese, like the more than 90 per cent of people in China. Ironically, Chinese government recently made it compulsory for adult children to visit their aging parents every two weeks, but mentioned nothing what government is going to do for the aging population. Imagine how these childless parents are going to cope when they get old.

Now talking about the Koreans, we mean the South Koreans. Despite this is a people very good at trumping up their advancement in almost all areas, they are capable at one practical thing only: plastic surgery. That explains why Saturday crash is not an isolated event but an incident waiting to happen.

According to South Korea's Central Daily News, at the time of the crash, it was the co-pilot on the controls of the airplane who only became a qualified cargo pilot in 2001 and gained the airline transport pilot license recently with a total of 43 hours of relevant flying experience.

"South Korea airline relies heavily on low price to expand its business overseas with no regard to its weak infrastructure, such as inadequate number of experienced pilots, which is why they keep recruiting unemployed Japanese pilots to work in Korea, (事实上韩国的航空公司近年来借助“价格优势”急速扩张,可惜基础实力跟不上,比如合格的飞行员... 早听说韩国航空公司不停挖失业的日航飞行员,看来也确实是“迫于无奈”... )" a Chinese self-addressed as "驻日观察员“ said online.

Other Chinese pointed out that South Korean airline's bad safety record is not a recent phenomenon. "In 1997, a South Korean jumbo jet crashed in jungle hills in Guam. Of a total of 254 people on board, 228 died in the crash. Upon examining the black box, more than a dozen of operational mistakes performed by the South Korean pilots were identified, as the result South Korea had to hire US company to help manage its airline business (1997年韩航在関岛撞山,后来查黑盒子,发现机长连续犯了十几个错误,副机长和工程师欲言又止,在那之后韩航就请美国管理公司去整顿了)," cyber identity mmf recalled.

There are also Chinese who posted their personal experiences with the airline. A cyber resident net named "专灭西崽" wrote, "It wasn't often for me to go to airport picking up someone, and when I did I would sit at a coffee shop nearby watching the planes landing and taking off. For twice I witnessed South Korean planes aborted their initial landing and flew into air again, while all other aircrafts had no trouble to land safely, which means it is a common problem with South Korean pilots. At the time when I saw that, I said to myself gosh I would never take a South Korean plane. (本人偶去机场接人,在机场附近的咖啡馆看飞机起降,就两次碰见韩航的飞机降落失败拉起复飞,而其后面的飞机都能够平稳降落,可见不是低概率事件。当时就下定决心,坚决不乘坐韩航的飞机),"

One question that is frequently asked is why so many kids had to take a cheap airline deal to go to the United States for a so-called summer camp. An US based Netizen called "马甲飘飘" reported: "Last summer I went to a top US college and saw the campus was swamped by Chinese kids (去年夏天去一个美国前5名的名牌大学,校园里到处是中国来的夏令营,人数快要超过暑假校园里的学生了)."

It is know that each student paid around 30,000 RMB for a three-week US tour for the purpose of improving their English. To the majority of Chinese families, that is not a small expense. For one thing, many of those Chinese parents may never award themselves a holiday like this; and for another thing, many of parents in the developed countries may never be able to afford their kids to join a summer camp like this.

But it is English improvement part that really gets some Chinese feel agitated. "It's all the fault of bloody English. To improve your English in two weeks, what a bullshit (都是尼玛英语害的。十五天增加个屁的英语能力)," online identity beepee commented. Chinese premier Li Keqiang and his wife were both from a very humble background but love to present themselves as someone from world's elite club - they spoke Chinglish to each other at home all the time and Li even once prohibited his staff from speaking Chinese in office meeting. With such pathetic guy as the government head, it's not surprising to see so many Chinese parents be tricked into digging deep into their pockets for a three week English tour in the United States.

However, for those in the US government and those behind the US government, what they want to teach Chinese kids traveling to America are more than just English. The 34 high school students, among them two died, were on their way to attend the summer camp at a Christian school in the San Fernando Valley community of West Hills.


Two beautiful Chinese girls, Ye Mengyuan (left) who loved play piano and Wang Linjia who was good at calligraphy, died in South Korea's Asiana Airlines Flight plane crash in San Francesco on Saturday. Both were just 16.

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