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Chinese People: Free Bo Xilai, Investigate Wen Jiabao

30 July 2013


Flowing the hugely unpopular decision to try Bo Xilai for trumped-up charges, China's state-run media published articles urging people in Chongqing to stay calm and do not challenge the authority. Currently Chongqing is ruled by former Agricultural Minister - a Monsanto ally with evidences of his corruption and treason exposed repeatedly by China's online community - and the city has returned to the old police/mafia state when vice premier Wang Yang was the governor there. But the anger over the Bo Xilai trial is not just confined in the cities where he once worked, which include Chongqing, but all over China. The photos initially posted on were taken in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, on 27 July, two days after the trial decision was announced.


Some passengers on board seemed to feel puzzled that why they were watched by the pedestrians. They didn't know people were not really looking at them but a message posted on the bus: Free Mr Bo and thoroughly investigate Wen Jiabao's 27 billion dollar corruption allegations.

It's not an isolated incident. Such posts appeared on a number of buses in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, circulating the protest messages around as the buses moved along the busy roads.

The message on this bus read: Mr Bo, the corrupted officials hate you, but we people love you.

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These are the Gingko trees planted in the urban areas of Chongqing under the leadership of Bo Xilai.



A double decker tourist bus burst into flames in front of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai's Pudong New Area on July 8. The slogan on the bus read:

The energy you possess is beyond your imagination!

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