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The Mission is a man
Saving Public Snowden

2 July 2013

According to a statement on Wikileaks official website, Edward Snowden has submitted political asylum applications to the embassies of the following countries:

South America:

the Republic of Ecuador,
the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,
the Republic of Cuba,
the Federative Republic of Brazil,
the Plurinational State of Bolivia,
the Republic of Nicaragua,


the People’s Republic of China,
the Republic of India,


the Republic of Iceland,
the Russian Federation,
the Kingdom of Spain,
the Swiss Confederation,
the Republic of Finland,
the French Republic,
the Federal Republic of Germany,
the Republic of Austria,
the Italian Republic,
the Republic of Ireland,
the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
the Kingdom of Norway,
the Republic of Poland,

What does the list tell us?

Well, first of all, it tells that Mr. Snowden, who is hailed by worldwide public opinion as a true hero fighting for freedom, has to run for his life for exposing a state-sponsored civil rights violation offence. Imagine how evil the government of the United States must be.

Then secondly, a long list of the European countries that are considered by Snowden as safe heaven, which includes Iceland, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands and other big or small nations. But there is no supposed major player the United Kingdom. The UK government must be as evil as that of the US.

Then thirdly, a reasonable length of a list of countries in a region right on America's doorstep that are regarded by Snowden as being able to stand up to the US, which demonstrates how weak that evil power actually is. It can not even secure its influence in its own backyard.

Then fourthly, an unusually short list for the largest continent called Asia. Where are the representative states of the free world at that corner, for instance Japan? Or even South Korea?

We believe all countries on the list should embrace this opportunity by providing Snowden a refuge thus to prove to the world they are not standing by an evil regime. However, if we are asked for our preference (no one has, of course, bothered to ask, because, why ask? It's none of our business), we would consider Iceland as the best choice for Snowden, for it is so cold that snows most of time hence can be called the Republic of Snowdem (or may be not?), and for its sincere respect for the freedom of expression (contrary to the hypocrisy displayed by the US, the UK and Sweden).

And the worst choice? China!

Mr Bo Xilai is a Chinese citizen, and was a governor, and did not publicly expose America's dark secrets. The toughest thing he ever did was of refusing to bow to the US pressure to sell Chinese interest and of rejecting to cooperate with secret US agenda, yet that has already resulted him to be dismissed from office, to be arrested without charge, to be traumatised by seeing his innocent wife to be falsely accused of murder and to be sentenced to death. Since the US regime had its man (Wen Jiabao) controlling Chinese government by then and has its man (Li Keqiang) controlling Chinese government by now, ask yourself, Mr Snowden, what kind of protection China can ever offer to you?



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