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Walk with Tiger from an animal kingdom that lost Korean War 60 years ago Today

27 July 2013

- My dear, I offered you a delicious garden lunch, why do you still refuse to place Bo Xilai on the sacrificial altar for my dinner?

- My love, he has already been kept in a cage for more than a year and marinated with British wine and Chinese soy source according to American recipe.

- That's nice to hear, I'm looking forward to eating him raw for ages, please dress him with French building property title certificate before serving.

- He's already been dressed with a dozen naked women and a large quantity of cashes brought into his vacant home by ex-premier Wen Jiabao's mistress called Ma Wen while he and his wife were locked in cages and ...

- Boring, always money and women, those are for ordinary catches; when preparing an extraordinary creature like Bo Xilai, you should be a little more creative. Look, how about the Great Wall?

- That's too expensive, we need the Great Wall to attract tourists to keep GDP growth rate staying above 7.5.

- How about the guy who designed the Great Wall then?

- But he's dead for 2,210 years and we still can't find a safe way to get into his tomb so far ...

- Honey, I wouldn't want Bo Xilai to be dressed with a 2,210-year old mummy either. Just dress him with that emperor's name. What's his name anyway?

- The First Emperor Qin, who united China, unified Chinese scripts, Chinese currency and Chinese transport system.

- How come Chinese still write in Chinese not English, trade with yuan not dollar and have already traveled in bullet train that we yet to develop? I guess he didn't reform Chinese culture, economy and road system according to the master plan drafted by the global government represented by me, so let's call the First Emperor Qin a tyrant and dictator and charge Bo Xilai for being the reincarnated First Emperor Qin.

- Are you trying to threaten me?

- I knew you are a smart guy. Yes, sweetheart, it can be viewed as a warning if you like. Remember, anyone who resists the One World under One Order (令出一门) will be classified as a tyrant and dictator.


Walk with a Paper Tiger who rules an illusive jungle

- My dear, I generously invite you to share my power over the jungle, what is your contribution to our union then?

- My love, I'll do whatever you ask me to do and will never divorce you.

- That's nice to hear, now I ask you to share your red top with me.

- Sorry, I don't want to be naked.

- You've already had naked bums for everyone to see, what good can a little red top do for you?

- That's vital, my love, without this red top, the little bears won't recognize me as their leader.

- Oh, get over it. You only need my recognition for staying in power.

- 哼,走着瞧。

- What did you say?

- I said let's keep walking and see where we will be.

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