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How Chinese Authority Hijacks the Public Opinion

26 July 2013

Chinese authority is now telling the world that Chinese people all support its decision to put Bo Xilai on trial for three newly invented crimes (since they were not the ones included in the accusations that resulted Bo Xilai's initial arrest more than a year ago, while the accusations used by then cannot be found in the latest allegations), the reality is quite different. Here are some screen shots of the posts we collected from a various of Chinese online social networks and forums, which reveal how Chinese authority has willfully even unscrupulously hijacked public opinion through stringent online censorship mechanisms. In fact, the major online social networks in China not only deleted most comments related to impending trial of Bo Xilai but closed the user accounts at an unprecedented large scale on the days leading up to the announcement of the trial.

真的英雄**: I would really want to know what the contents are in the 70,000 comments deleted by the [under the order of the State Council Information Office].

天高**:Why Xinhua News refuses to allow viewers to comment on the news? Why you are so afraid of letting people speak out? There is only one explanation, you are a group of liars.

萨科奇:On the one hand they say that to put Bo Xilai on trial is what the people want, on the other hand they dare not to allow the people to tell them what the people want.

vax**: They've deleted all comments posted yesterday. Phew.

**无语: If you really don't want people to post any comments on your site, you should just close your online forums.

****002: Some guys seem to believe they can create history by applying three tricks: deleting the comments that they don't like, hiring someone to post comments that they like and disabling the comment function all together.

***银杏下: When you see all weibo accounts from the government organisations and state-run media outlets are fanatically deleting viewers' comments, you know the authority has already lost its argument!

影子*: You may delete posts that express different opinions from the cyber space, but you can't delete different opinions from people's mind, and those who act against public opinions always end miserably!

占豪[one of China's best and most popular commentators on economic and international affairs - Multipletext]: As you the authority have decided to let him stand trial, please try him publicly! We would like to see how Bo Xilai abused his position, and want to find out if the "huge" amount of bribes he is allegedly taken is in any where near the 27 billion landmark. By keeping the details away from the public view you cannot convince people he is guilty of anything.'s News Headline has been re-weiboed (retweeted) for so many weiboers (twitterers) yet only a few comments left, is that a bit unusual? It is not until I tried to add my feedback to the thread I realised why it is the case: each entry has to be checked by someone to determine if it is deemed fit to post.

Anonymous: My blog was shut down by authority yesterday so I come to your blog to say a few words:

1, The authority is in a real panic mood as they have no idea how to win over the public.

2, The opposition to the trial decision is very strong both within the establishment and in the public, so the authority resorts to old tricks to dealing with the disagreement: close blogs and delete comments [and disable the feedback function of the news.].

3, Bo Xilai has not compromised his dignity, that is why the authority dares not to broadcast the trial, yet which only attracts more criticisms. They see no solution to this dilemma.

4, It's time for Chinese people to wake up from any kind of fancy dreams and prepare to take on a real fight.

***vandou: I've read the responses to the news yesterday and found the opinions are almost unanimously against the trial of Bo Xilai. I don't understand why the authority has to openly challenge public sentiment. When a dictator forces people to call a deer horse and thinks he can do anything he wishes with his power, he is doomed for sure. .... And please, do me a favour, just stop talking about the mass line. Look at what you (Xi Jinping) are actually doing, you are doing the things exactly opposite to what you preach. When China boat is sinking, as the top ruler, you and your family will not be able to end pretty. Do you know what happened to the last emperor of the great Ming Dynasty? He was forced to kill his daughters and watched his wife to commit suicide before hanging himself on the Coal Hill behind the Forbidden City.

老***: While they pay lip-service to beast fight, they take real action to apprehend the hero who beat beasts.

****: Just six minutes after I posted my comment, it was screened out. Hi guys, you like to talk about the will of people, I thought you were serious ... tche!

飞狐:Because they are scared!

千秋**: Where is my post?

盼**: All accusations against Bo Xilai are just baseless lies.

千秋**: Why am I prohibited to criticize that American called Kissinger?

正大***:Keep going on with your US rescue mission.

一湘: Each day around 500 users that I followed have disappeared because their accounts were closed by the administration.

晨晓: Hi CCTV [China's state-run central television station], you can't be more coward than you've already been, can you? You dare not even let a single word that oppose the trial decision appear on your site.

*****月来: They have closed my user account for 23 times, but they cannot silence me before Mr Bo Xilai is cleaned the all wrong charges against him.

**灰有道: When Bo Xilai worked on housing projects for low income families and unemployed people in Chongqing, I knew he would get himself in a deep trouble [because he harmed the interest of the powerful developers and the guys in the State Council who relied on the housing boom to raise revenues for the government and for their own families - Multipletext.]. And what the worst, he dared to oppose GMO.


Chinese rulers are in a state of denial of reality and self-deceit because they spend most of their time dreaming China dream (like the president) and, worse, dreaming American dream (like the premier) thus have no time (like the president) or interest (like the premier) and, worse, will and ability to solve the real problems in the country. So they use a botched Bo Xilai trial to deflect public and the world's attention to a possible hard landing of Chinese economy resulted by Li Keqiang's mismanagement of economy (mind, he was the vice primer and de facto premier when economic layman Wen Jiabao was the premier).

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