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Mr Bo Xilai will Shine through History

25 July 2013

Bo Xilai with China's future

A Chinese cyber user:

Whether they try you or not, your great achievement is there for everyone to see; whether they sentence you or not, their injustice is here for everyone to judge.

No matter how many lies they made against you, no matter how much sufferings you are to undergo, your success will stay for the world to admire, your people will never leave your side.

Thank the enemies of the nation, for turning us into Bo Xilai's followers; tell the biggest dreamer in the country, we also have our own dream that is to create a great legend of the people's hero.


An advertising in Chongqing: the vista is so sharp that can cut deep into your brain to wake you up from your dream


Chinese premier Li Keqiang laughs happily: Now with Bo Xilai going to be on trial, my position is secure. Chinese people don't like me? I know that, but who cares. It is not my countrymen in China but my boss in America who made me a premier.

But Mr Li, haven't you ever heard the saying that he who laughs the last laughs the best?

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