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Li Keqiang-Economics - A Path to Colony

21 July 2013

It is Washington's path to its colony in China, of course.

Li Keqiang: Chinese, I'll get you!

Chinese: What are you? Not Chinese?

Li Keqiang: Of course not, I speak English at home all the time.

As part of the deals made with the United States in the talks between US President Obama's special envoy Henry Kissinger and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang last month, and between Chinese President Xi Jinping's special envoy Wang Yang and the US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew this month, China duly complies with US demand to give up the control over China's banking sector.

China used to set a ceiling for bank-deposit rates and a floor for lending rates, which prevented re-emergence of loan sharks, that once prevailed in a semi-colonial China under Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist rule before 1949 and was a main reason that sent millions of peasants into bankruptcy or a poverty-stricken situation. However, it is a crucial step for Li Keqiang administration to push China towards an economic system that will fully ‘open’ to the global capitalists.

During the 2008 US financial crisis, China's State Council introduced a 4-Trillion-Yuan Stimulus Package in the excuse that "to same America is to save China", which resulted China to experience high inflations that have seriously affected millions of Chinese people's lives until this very day. Now some China's patriotic and insightful economic experts - which are rare species among Chinese economists as most of them either having shallow understandings of the economic realities both in the West and in China or are simply paid advocates of global financial elites or both, such as premier Li Keqiang and his mentor Li Yining - have warned against the State Council's move to introduce another stimulus package under the pressure from Robert Zoelick and Henry Kissinger, both of them met with Li Keqiang recently.

It is widely known that previous premier Wen Jiabao has no real knowledge of any academic discipline but political manoeuvring. He did not receive a good training in college due to his ill health and only worked in his trained field very briefly before being sent to do clerk job, an arrangement commonly reserved for those who exhibits a weak professional performance. Thus it is understandable that in the past ten years, especially in the recent five years, Li Keqiang - the only one with a formal qualification in economy among all Wen's vice premiers - was the de facto premier in actual control of China's economic affairs, therefore is responsible for the introduction of the 4-trillion yuans stimulus package.

Now when facing the heavy pressure from Washington to pump fresh blood from China into US economy, we can hardly expect Li Keqiang not to repeat his old trick, given this is a guy shown very limited imagination and creativity. And that is how a free trade zone is hastily set up in Shanghai, and that is why restrictions on foreign investment in China are removed, and that is what is behind the new regulations which permit the banks to decide interest rates - it is both a disguised stimulus package designed to further help US recovery at China's expense and a decisive move towards establishing an economic model that will allow the Wall Street to be in the control of China's economy.

Here are some Chinese comments on Li Keqiang's reform rush:

东方**虎:Everyone knows what all these reforms are about but few dare to speak out. I fear no death, let me say this out loud: The reason behind these policy moves is simple - Premier Li Keqiang has a treacherous agenda.

沧海桑田: He want to relinquish all powers to market force, then what is he going to do as a premier? Li Keqiang, get out of your premier's office!

萍水相逢:Li Keqiang is quite evil. You know that from all the places that he once worked, in Henan, Liaoning, and you name it - he achieved nothing over there. Of course, the Falun Gong members love him, and you know why.

9414: Li Keqiang does no decent things, says no decent words, but only knows how to show off his ability of rolling a foreign tongue. He should be sacked immediately.

观望者will: By looking at the people around him, you'll know instantly what kind of person Li Keqiang really is.


Li Keqiang's Cockroach Economics


what Li Keqiang's critics said online about his recent economic reform:



大众老虎: 货币金融主权都给华尔街了,还谈人民币国际化,那是忽悠250的,借着人民币国际化的幌子,按美国要求推金融自由化才是真。

卢麒元:国务院为什麽非要谈红利?谈福利不好么?政府为什麽非要搞城镇化?完成工业化不好麽?说穿了,还是放不下炒地皮、印钞票的那套积贼的发展思路。有人在抢时间,他们要在全面危机前,将我国的金融主权交出去。Read More

A dangerous voyage

卢麒元: 小强若懂经济学,就不会“放水冲沙”。恰恰相反,他要做的是应该是“虹吸取水”。也就是通过税收改革,将资本从不动产中逼出。要知道,“放水”危险极大,怕是未必能够“冲沙”,反而淹了下游的农田啊!全国老百姓要睁大眼睛盯住了GWY,绝对不许他们搞升级版的“四万亿”。绝对绝对不允许!人民币一旦跳水,欠债的政府、机构、个人全都解放了;老百姓的存款血本无归了,工资全部缩水了,保险全部报废了Read More

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