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The Unrepentant Police State of America

20 July 2013

US' rubber stamp is in action again and rubber stamped on the Obama administration's application for renewing the authority for the National Security Agency to regularly collect the phone records of millions of Americans.

As the US Federal Government is so closely linked and even tightly controlled by the Globalist bankers who are seeking to conquer the world like what Nazi Germany intended to do, it shows no sign of being able to correct wrong doings by itself, such as to stop spying on its own people and stalking the people around the world.

Thus here there is a patriotic American called Adam Kokesh, 31, an Iraqi war veteran, anti-war activist and a radio host from Fairfax Country, Virginia, who told Fox 5 reporter interviewed him in his prison cell that he has a plan to run for presidency in 2020 with a single objective that is to dissolve the Federal Government of the United States all together. [China's patriots may should do the same, that is to dissolve the State Council which under the leadership of Li Keqiang has become the Globalists' vanguard in their mission of dissolving the Chinese nation]

Adam Charles Kokesh:

We will not be silent
We will not obey
We will not allow our government to destroy our humanity
We are the final American Revolution

Americans Reject to be taken prisoner by PRISM & demand to restore the faith in the fourth

Mr Kokesh is currently behind the bars and facing possibly years of imprisonment if convicted of possessing firearms and drugs, the charges made following a police raid after he posted on YouTube a video of himself loading a shortgun near the White House on the Independence Day. He admitted he had firearms which he believes is his civil rights as an US citizen - he was not only born (with an authentic birth certificate) in the US but once fought (with his life not just his mouth water) for the country according to the order from the US authority (despite it was a wrong order from a bad authority, which at the time Mr Kokesh didn't realise). But he denies he possessed illegal drugs and declares the charge is a police set up.

“I'm pretty confident that, whether or not they found anything, the full paper bags that [the police] brought into my house would insure that they had charges to bring against me,” he told Fox.


Snowden Lifted up US' Mask to Reveal America's True Face: A Roman Empire Reborn

US Congress Finally Admits NSA Surveillance Violates US Law

John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, stated during a hearing on the NSA, “We never, at any point in this debate, have approved the type of unchecked, sweeping surveillance of United States citizens employed by our government.”

Some congressmen also pointed out that the US court is a rubber stamp.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries said that since the court was established in 1979, U.S. agencies have made nearly 34,000 surveillance requests to the court, of which only 11 was rejected and 490 were amended at the court’s request.

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