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Japanese Culture of Hypocrisy - Commercial Whaling in the name of Science

18 July 2013

Australian government has taken Japan to International Court of Justice for lying to the International Whaling Commission about the purpose of its whaling.

Australia's Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, who presented the case to the international court, said Japan "was doing commercial whaling up to the introduction of the moratorium in the Southern Ocean. After the moratorium, they simply rebadged it as a scientific program."

Bill Campbell QC, the legal adviser to Australian government on international law, accused Japan of seeking "to cloak its commercial whaling under the labcoat of science." And believes that what Japan has done "simply isn't science". Japan is found to take up to 935 minke whales a year and sell the product into various places in Japan. As a result of Japan's whaling, more than 10,000 whales, one of the most endangered marine species in the world, have been killed since 1988. (

Yesterday, Japanese government mounted an attack against Australia,saying its legal action over Japan's whaling activity is "politicisation of science", "an affront to the dignity" of Japan" and that "the traditions and cultures of people are sacrificed to appease other people's sentiments and selective moral judgment". (

Good argument from Japan. However, we would like to remind everyone that during the WWII, Japanese doctors performed live autopsy on a large number of Chinese, Russians and other Western prisoners of war, also in the name of science.

Japanese Culture of Cruelty - Eat Living Beings Alive

A frog was delivered to a dinning table by a Japanese iron chef. The little creature seems in panic and thinking it might be tortured to death. Yet what it is going to experience would certainly beyond its limited imagination.

Its tummy was swiftly sliced open by the chef's sharp knife and all its internal organs are pulled out. Some of the contents were trashed while the rest were chopped into chunks and displayed around its head that still remains conscious with eyes wide open and moving.

For several times it collapsed, falling back with paws stretched out jerking and twitching, but was restored to an upright position - even with fatal injuries, Japanese victims are not allowed to express its pain.

A Japanese woman dips a piece of raw meat in source ...

"hmmm, yammy," she grumbled with a mouthful of raw flesh, while the frog could do nothing but watches its own meat to be eaten by her.

It looks tearful, because it is still alive.

Lacking of empathy and respect for life is a significant attribute of Japanese tradition and culture, and Japanese soldiers' shocking acts of eating prisoners of war alive during the WWII is just its ultimate manifestation.


Japanese woman demonstrates how to eat frog alive

Japanese restaurant patrons display how to barbecue an octopus alive

Japanese restaurant patrons exhibit how to skin and marinate an octopus alive

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