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Baby's Nightmare

14 July 2013

Hi, baby, he's your new daddy.

O no, he's the guy who stalked you, broke into our home, stole your money, beat you up, why do you wanna marry the world's biggest villain like him?

Because, baby, after I‘ve married him, he'll know all my secret, so he will have no need to stalk me; he'll live here, so he will have no need to broke into house; we'll have a joint bank account and all my money will be his, so he will no longer steal my money.

He will bash you more often ...

But if he kills me he is also killing his own wife, so it will be his lose too.

If you really wanna marry him, you go ahead, leave me alone.

Don't be so ridiculous baby, you are almost as nasty as Chinese kids.

What has it to do with Chinese kids?

Those pests refuse to call Obama daddy after China's vice premier Wang Yang married the world's most powerful man and got the US Treasury Secretary as his brother-in-law (铁哥们).


Chinese Dream

Mohamed Mor was ousted by an US supported military coup in order to let Globalist Operative ElBaradei turn Egypt into America's puppet state. Look how now the Western powers congregate each other for having Li Keqiang in the practical controls of China affairs - President Xi Jinping really should take notice of this serious warning sign.

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