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Chinese Dream Starts by Restoring Bo Xilai to National Leadership

12 July 2013

More than half a year has passed since Xi Jinping became president and Wen Jiabao left his premier's office, yet apart from constant talks about purging corrupted elements in government and returning to Chairman Mao's path of mass line and of serving the people, China's situation, especially in the economic front, is in fact deteriorated to a crisis point like what it was in the years before 1949, and CCP's public reputation nearly matches that of the Nationalist Party prior to its escape to Taiwan Island.

As Li Keqiang has proven himself Wen Jiabao II, Xi Jinping seems to show the sign of being another Hu Jintao by sitting back doing nothing but watching how his premier openly acts as a Globalist Operative jeopardizing the interest not just Chinese nation but the world community (Shortly after the Conference 2013, Bilderberg heavy weight Henry Kissinger, at an outrageously advanced age, traveled to Beijing to meet Li Keqiang face to face. Know why? The initiatives discussed, the conclusions reached and the strategies formulated at the conference are all off the record thus can only be conveyed through word of mouth), and allowing the resistance heroes against the US global dictatorship being continuously locked behind bars (A new round of rumour regarding the further prosecution against Bo Xilai has just been freshly produced.).

China's No.1 political prisoner Bo Xilai in Chongqing during his time as governor

As the national leader, President Xi loves to present Chinese Dream to his people and to the world, yet the details of the dream is rather sketchy, so is the way to realise the dream. But Chinese people appear to know very well what they are dreaming of, as summarised by an online identity called 思想碎片**:


The pre-condition to realise Chinese Dream:

1) Mr Bo Xilai is reinstated to the national leadership team, a genuine socialism is restored to guide China's development and the economic benefit is shared by everyone in the country;

2) Former premier Wen Jiabao is tried, current premier Li Keqiang is fired and vice premier Wang Yang is sacked; [We would very much prefer to see Li Keqiang also be tried, along with his power-abusing wife and his Anhui Gang, a political base to realise him dream of establishing a second capital in Hefei (a city of fraud) - Multipletext]

3) GMO is banned to plant and import, the US is demanded to repay China debt and officials are ordered to declare their personal assets.

For one thing, a good Chinese Dream must not echo with American Dream. It shall reflect Chinese civilisation and Chinese aspiration that are based on four principle teachings: Confucius, Daoism, Chinese school Buddhism and Mao Zedong Thought, which are about the universal humanity, about respect for the rights of every individuals, groups and nations, not a privileged few, about valuing social progress over profit, about appreciating cooperation over competition, about encouraging everyone working towards common good, about not to hurt other nations for China's own benefit, about treating all human races as equal, and about helping all people in the world to advance together. This is clearly in stark contrast to America's exploitative and crusading approach, which is driven by selfishness and is inevitably confrontational.

We just wish President Xi can be mindful of what the US regime did to Mohamed Mor elected to the top leadership in accordance with the "democratic" fashion promoted by Americans. He was ousted by an US supported military coup in order to let Globalist Operative ElBaradei turn Egypt into America's puppet state. Look how the Western powers congregate each other for having Li Keqiang in the practical controls of China affairs - this is a serious warning sign to all Chinese who care about China's fate.

What expressed below in the screen shot taken from a Chinese forum are the opinions typically held by Chinese public regarding the new leadership's failure to clear the false charges against Bo Xilai and to restore him to his former position:


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