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Is China a middle-income country?

9 June 2013

Chinese Premier says yes, but Chinese people say No

British Prime Minister David Cameron, who has been part of the bogus murder case of British citizen Neil Heywood that is designed to prevent a resistance leader against West's New World Order from becoming China's new premier, is attending the Bilderberg Conference 2013 at the moment. Chinese Prime Minster Li Keqiang, who has been part of the bogus murder charge against his competitor's wife, is not attending the Bilderberg Conference 2013 at the moment, but that doesn't mean he is disconnected with the annual gathering of the global financial elites' summit.

On Thursday, the day before his closed door talk with Henry Paulson, an American banker serving as the 74th United States Secretary of the Treasury, Li Keqiang held a public conference with the Fortune Global 2013. Despite his lousy English (that so far he still remains in the facility of imitating an English way of speaking and, by so doing, emulating an English way of thinking, with no capacity nor the will to manipulate the language into a tool to convey authentic Chinese message) and despite his fawning attitude towards the Western power that get a lot of Chinese frowned upon, his effort to communicate and to flatter his rich guests have won him the hearts of the new world rulers-would-like-to-be.

In his speech that is largely crafted by his audience and his audience's China assistants, Li Keqiang let the global fortune seekers know that his government will reform China from a limited socialist order into a complete colonial-capitalist chaos through an unrestrained free market, in other words, his administration will transform China from a homeland of Chinese people into a paradise of the foreign adventurers. To make his master plan sound more credible, he began with a presumption that China has now become a middle income country which suggests there is a great fortune waiting to be extracted by the Western financial elites.

Hearing that, his foreign guests are pleased, very pleased, but the local Chinese people are unimpressed, awfully unimpressed. The following are some typical online responses to his mid-income fable that we collected from various Chinese forums:

匡力: 李克强总理在国內外的公众场,多次宣佈中国己属中等收入国家。我真得搞不懂李总理的意图。为何如此急切地要将中国硬挤身于世界中等收入的国家的行例。你难道真得不清你的国民还数亿人的月劳动收入不足三百美元。(2000元人民帀)还有几千万退休工人的退休工资不足二百五十美元,还有几千万城镇(含大龄下岗工人)贫困低保户,靠几佰元人民币艰难度日。还有两亿农村农民没有脱贫。这样的中等收入社会的台階也大低了吧!

It is not the first time Li Keqiang declare publicly that China has already entered mid-income rank. I don't understand why he keeps saying so and why he is so keen to push China into a rich club to which China does not belong. Does he really have no idea that the monthly income for hundreds of millions of Chinese are less than 300 USD? Does he know nothing that tens of millions of retired workers live under 250 USD a month? And then there are tens of millions retrenched and unemployed who survive under meager pensions, not to mention 200 millions of rural populations still struggling with poverty. Can a country like this to be called a mid-income nation?

Sbihfc: “中等收入阶段”是一个什么概念??中等收入有屁用,中国的物价比世界上任何一个国家都高!我和老婆两人都是工作几十年的退休人员,我们的收入没有中等收入水平,我们的生活还处于“温饱线”与“贫困线”之间。现实情况是:随着物价的不断上涨,中国大多数人的生活水平正在下降!!

What is his idea of mid-income country anyway? To start with, China's commodity price is higher than any country in the world! My wife and I are both retired workers we are no way near that mid-income class - we are just able to keep ourselves fed, nothing else can be afforded. The reality in China is: following the rise and rise of the price, majority Chinese people's living standards are falling and falling!

阿大阿大阿大: 前些日子媒体说上海平均工资7000元,我被平均了,这次说是中等收入国家,我又一次被平均。上海最低工资1620元,政府规定的最低工资就是老百姓的最高工资,工资少于1620元是违法的,所以那些私营老板说只要不违法就行,就给你1620元,你要做就做,不做有人做,唉!什么世道啊!以前工人农民是主人,现在工人农民叫弱势群体,政府只为少数富人阶级服务,中国重新走入朝代更替的历史循环模式。顺便说一句,不违法是人类最低的道德标准。

A few days ago the state media reported that the average monthly income in Shanghai is 7000 yuan. Once again, my income has been artificially lifted by way of "average". The minimum wage in Shanghai is 1620 yuan a month, which is regulated by the law, as the result it becomes the average worker's wage. This is how private business owners are doing: You say paying workers less than 1620 yuan a month is unlawful, okay, no problem, I will pay you 1620 yuan, and that's it. You don't want to do the job? Fine, there are plenty of people out there looking for work. And that is how our society now has become. In Chairman Mao's genuine socialist society, factory workers and peasants were viewed as the masters of the country, now they are labeled as disadvantaged group, [viewed as the burden to the Li Keqiang administration despite both he and his wife are from a poor background near the bottom rung of the social lander - 一对中山狼,得志便猖狂 - Multipletext], since today's Chinese government serves a small group of rich people only, and China once again falls into the old circle [popular revolt - new dynasty - temporary order - brief prosperity - emerge of a small elite class - corruption & decay - collapse & chaos - popular revolt -]. By the way, not to break the law is the bottom line on ethics. [If a community is operating according to bottom line ethics like what it is in the US and like what a litigation gang (讼棍帮) is advocating for China, then this community has no hope for civilization advancement - Multipletext]

Liuzbing: 自己好歹也是清华北大出来的高材生,怎么说这么没水平的话?难道这就是清华北大教育出来的所谓的精英?不要脸!!!我还是事业单位在编的职工,我的工资扣除房租只能勉强维持最基本的生活,你倒是说说看,我怎么变成中等收入了?社会上有多少人还不如我,他们怎么又被中等了?

I'm working at a state-run organization, even so, after paid my rent, I can barely live hand to mouth. You tell me, how on earth I become a mid-income earner? Mind you, plenty of people out there are with a situation much worse than mine, and how on earth those people should be considered as a mid-income earners?

不安分的心: 李克强简直是狗娘养的在讲狗话,瞎叫。上次那个报到的出来的,被压断双脚的最美女教师,一个月也就1500元,看得起病吗? 住的起房吗? 除了吃用,一个月下来还剩几分钱?这还是她20来岁,上了30多岁,病痛一多,一被解雇,咋办?咋生活?她如果失业后有什么保障?大家再去查查这次被烧死的120名工人,她们月工资是多少?估计也就1千多点,这些都是中国现阶段百分之90老百姓生活的普遍现象,中等收入社会是这样吗,这还算是好的情况呢,还有一大片下岗的呢? 这个最美女教师的1500元,如果家里面有一两个读书的下岗的生病的,怎么办?这是人生活的社会吗。李克强是不是又想救美国,救达赖,或者卖铁路,都不知道老百姓怎么生活,乱在哪里瞎叫,根本就不配做总理,下去算了,就是个混蛋总理。

Li Keqiang, SOB! That young teacher featured in the recent news, with both legs broken from her heroic action of saving her students, her income is 1500 yuan a month. With that, can she afford her medical bills? Can she afford buy her own home? Apart from food and daily necessaries, can she have any money left? She's only in her 20s, how is she going to live when she grows old, when her medical condition is deteriorated and when she loses her job? And go check the 120 poultry workers died in the factory fire [in China's Northeast region (东北), the former Manchurian that used to be under a joint rule of a genocidal Japanese government and its puppet - the savage Manchu regime],how much they got paid each month. This is the true living standards of the 90 percent of Chinese people. Is a mid-income society like this? The motivation for Li Keqiang to lie about China's living standards is probably driven by his urge to save the Wall Street and to sell the state-owned railway. He does not deserve to be China's premier. Get lost, you bastard!

王建宁: 中国到底有多少人失业?普通老百姓是无法知道也无法统计的。我们只能这样看:猪镕基、瘟家宝当政时企业改制失业的几千万应该假不了,从那时开始,下岗失业成常态。每年大学生就业的比率下滑到现在的不到百分之三十,试问:那其中每年百分之六十连高中都不能入的初中生,他们的就业状况又如何?看看我们周边多如牛毛的社会闲撒人员,因此我们普通人也可以得出答案:中国的失业人口惊人。是一亿?是两亿?还是三亿?四亿?相信政府是不敢公开的。这些人的生存状况能好的了吗?当今的工薪阶层大多拿着最低工资,有的连千元都不到。几千万的退休职工,大多拿着两千元左右的退休金。今天的物价是毛泽东时代的多少倍?最保守的估计在二十倍至三十倍之间,生活用品可能还要高。两千元不到那时的一百元,他们的生活其实根本没有什么提高,至于他们有了一些资产,那是他们一辈子省吃俭用从嘴里抠出来的。而那庞大的失业大军的状况就不用去细述了。怪不得一些政客和公知说:中国如果能培养出两三千万左右的世界级富翁,中国就是世界第一,资产阶级的逻辑就是这样。

What is the true figure of China's unemployment population? The ordinary citizens have no way to know that. But we can say for sure that there are hundreds of millions who have lost their job during the privatisation rush of the state-enterprises under the Zhu Rongji and Wen Jiabao administrations. In the recent fifteen years, the retrenchment and unemployment become part of life for Chinese workers. Job attainment rate for college graduates are falling by the year and now it hits 30 percent mark. Then what is the job rate for those without tertiary education? Just look around, jobless people are everywhere. So just how many people in China are without job? 100 million? 200 million? Or even more? I don't think the government has the guts to reveal the true figure. How these people are supposed to live? The majority of Chinese workers are paid minimum wages with many receiving less than 1000 yuans a month; hundreds millions retired workers each month get around 2000, while today's commodity prices are 20 to 30 times higher than 30 years ago during Chairman Mao's time. Yet some politicians and corrupted intellectuals would say that if China has 300 million super-rich people on the global fortune list, China would become the richest country in the world. A typical capitalist logic. [Worse than that, a typical Fascist logic - Multipletext]

混天197: 劳苦大众在底层还没脱离贫困呐 怎么就中等了 那是富人在中等吧

While the poor workers are still living below the poverty line, they are called mid-income earners.

东方青鸟: 是被若干个特权的27亿平均成中等富裕的 ????

We are averaged into becoming mid-income earner by somebody whose family earned 2.7 billion in just a few years.

苦口婆心: 低保户和中国平安的马明哲一平均,他们都是千万富翁。然而低保户依然是低保户。

All those on pensions can be considered as a millionaire after being "averaged" with the boss of the Ping An insurance.

太红阳: 做为总理,对国情应该了解吧?话不能随便说。记得前一阵子大肆渲染的加快城镇化建设,就得到众多非议。

As Chinese premier, Li Keqiang should have some basic understanding of China's reality, shouldn't he? Sometime ago he promoted urbanization that sparked public uproar. [This guy never learns! - Multipletext]

Wuwenguo: 看看楼市、看看股市、看看下岗工人、哪一个部落不是水深火热、哪一个百姓队伍不被欺诈一空。想想看,洋奴狗腿子还会说人话吗!

Look at the property price, look at the share market, look at the retrenched workers, tell me China is a mid-income paradise.

草根一名: 蒋介石金圆券时期中国人还个个当了亿万富翁呢!看来全体中国人民还真有再当一把亿万富翁的可能!吹吧!誓不把牛吹死不罢休!

In the late years of Chiang Kai-Shek's rule, all Chinese were billionaires, thanks to the run away inflation. It seems the history may repeat!

南京长安: 中国進入中等收入阶段之说法完全是骗人的鬼话屁话丶改开三十多年走资本主义私有化市场经济社会从来中国進入世界经济二强国都是利用卖大量国家资源和国企工厂工人下岗換来的资本家贪官富了丶大多数广大人民群还在贫穷线上争扎着丶進入小康社会也就是只能解温饱问是根本就谈不上所胃中等收入阶段丶你们欺骗人民一时骗不了一世丶总有一天会人民会给你们算帳.

China entered a mid-income stage, what a bullshit. After 30 years of privatisation and free market conversion, a small group of people become extremely rich through selling and stealing public assets while the retrench workers are struggling for survival.

老革命-新戰士: 违背民意,说假话,作假事,谁推荐他当的总理,全国13亿中大多数老百姓看不起病、上不起学、买不起房,难道不知道?睁大眼睛说瞎话不怕遭报应?

Li Keqiang is a liar. I wonder who recommended him to premier's position. 1.3 billion people have problems to keep up with rising hospital fees, school fees and housing price, doesn't the premier know it? Does this guy ever fear that he will one day receive a karmic retribution by lying to people's face?

苍山似海: “中国已进入中等收入阶段” 纯是屁话!!混淆1%和99%的比例关系 弥天大谎!!!睁着眼睛说瞎话 不要脸!!!一小撮老鼠不但是中等收入阶段 甚至是天堂了 可以用钱买命 可以“有钱能让鬼推磨” 可以为所欲为了!而无数房奴 医奴 学奴 婚奴在苦苦挣扎 度日如年!! 厉克强继续引狼入室 从台上滚下来!!

Li Keqiang deliberately manipulated two different figures, one for the 1% and the another for the 99%. This fraud swindler should be sacked!

Wuwenguo: 此动物怎么总找骂?国企改制害了多少工人兄弟,尔等经历的事,怎么就是看不到。更甚,还要动摇国家的根基——粮食之可耕地就要卖光了!明摆着,这是让农民失业!

How many workers are victimised by the privatisation of the state-enterprises, is Li Keqiang blind completely? Now he is further trying to shake China's foundation by selling the farmland to the property developers and further retrench the peasants.

mekl616: 我今天才算理解瞪眼说瞎话这句俗语的真正意思!还有,我发现它和影帝只要和富人们、洋人们在一起的时候就笑的阳光灿烂,真是得意儿的笑儿啊!而和人民群众在一起的时候,基本就是满脸旧社会,一副苦逼相!

Look at the big smile in Li Keqiang's face whenever he is with his foreign masters.

黄鹤楼: 这就是中国的现任总理----温二世。

Li Keqiang is Wen Jiabao II.

起航: 瘟二世狗娘养,放狗屁还蛮响。他先考会演戏,他自己会放屁!

Wen Jiabao II, you son of bitch. Please stop pretending to be someone else that you are not.

千只淤: 前任不干一件好事,轮到这斯也不会平白无故做一件。

Wen Jiabao hasn't done much good thing to the nation, and Li Keqiang so far has done none.

晴天498: 已搞两界政要了,还不了解中国现实。说明什么呢,胡说八道。

Li Keqiang has been in the State Council for two terms, I don't think he is unfamiliar with China's reality, which means there are other motivations behind his lies.

苍山夕阳: 从朱温后,国务院独大,政指挥党、政指挥枪。中国可卖的差不多都卖了,或者送给老美了,还剩下铁路、土地通过城镇化和深化改革再搞垮,最后十三亿人通过转基因给处理了。

Since Zhu Rongji and Wen Jiabao, the State Council has dictated the national affairs and entire China has almost been sold off or give away for free to its US masters, with railway and farmland the only public assets left yet now is under butcher Li Keqiang's knife. The final solution will come from GMO food.

要一针见血: 如果这届水平就这个样子,可能到不了下一班就真到头了!

With the none-exist moral quality and management skills of Li Keqiang administration, I think the end to all could indeed be near.

蒙山沂水: 真是昏庸不堪,呸!

He's just a hopeless loser, phew!

伊狂: 纯粹是沉不住气不知自己斤两的二货!

Li Keqiang has an unsuppressed urge to get above himself, he can't help it.

谷雨: 睁着眼睛说瞎话, 不要脸!!

He's just shameless.

看九洲: 接过瞎吹接力棒

A liar.

bbsscc: 这又是一个吹牛,不怕被牛踢死的总理!

As a big liar as Wen Jiabao.

自知之明: 这种论调是在吹牛皮,还是忽悠老百姓,还是兼而有之?

Is he just lying? His lies may serve some special purpose.

画猫: 嘴和屁股差不多,不干净

I believe his mouth is as filthy as his ass.

大三江: 又在吹牛你们家族可能进入高等了,劳动人民还在水深火热之中呢。

Li Keqiang's family may have become a high-income earning household [and become part of the world elite class which is what he and his wife always dreamed of - Multipletext], but not for the majority of the working people in the country.

Merrystar: 可以看清此人的来路了。

Now I can tell from where this guy came from.

以民为本: 这是在下邀请涵,世界各地的狼,中国这儿还有许多羊啊,赶快来呀!羊傻,还有油可榨!

This is not just a lie, it is a invitation to the global wolves: Hi guys, look here, there are still plenty lambs in China, come to catch them and eat them raw.

1273292461: 太可怕了!世界巨鳄闻风而至,不在经济方面吸干中国死不罢休。停停手吧。中等收入阶段?下岗职工乐疯了,在那呢?假大空误国害民啊。 见得多了: 这是要对中国发展中国家定位调整的信号,是要充当世界大国,乃至超级大国的宣言,也是要充当国际寃大头的开始,它向世界发出了中国将要集中13亿中国人的力量,成为负责任的撒钱大国.

It's the sign that Li Keqiang is planning to collect the fortune from 1.3 billion people to make China a big country responsible for handing over the money to the world's rich and powerful [to earn himself and his wife and his daughter and his teacher and his gang a position in the world elite club - Multipletext].

冷眼看世界: 放你娘的狗屁,这厮的汉奸眉目已经露出来了!

Li Keqiang's true face has exposed - he is a traitor.


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