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Li Pattern Discovered

8 June 2013


A Chinese cyber user posted online his observation of Li Keqiang's routine exercise since he became premier: Whenever President Xi Jinping is going overseas, Li Keqiang would hold a high level meeting at home with the heavyweight power-brokers from the United States. "It was Henry Kissinger in March and it is Henry Paulson in June," noted the author of the post. The guy is not the only one in China discovered the "Li Pattern", nor is he the first. The following are what some Chinese said about Li's "Meet in Absence" practice:


This kind of thing is not uncommon in villages - As soon as the husband left the house from the front gate, the village head would sneak into the wife's bedroom through the back door.


There is an old saying in China: You may make your house as safe as a fortress, but if there is a thief in your family, your home will never be secure.


As soon as Li Keqiang returned from the Europe, the EU sanction against China follows - how extraordinary is it.


Somebody is acting in concert with the attackers outside?


Yesterday he also had a discussion in English with the global capitalists.


He is sending the profit to his masters in the US.

无可奈何花落去-04:他的城镇化会害死人的 .

His urbanisation will kill.


Li Keqiang is a GM promoter, how come such man was promoted into premier's position?


His mentor Li Yining is the advocate of private share of the state enterprises. Almost immediately after he successfully grabbed power, he started to implement Wen Jiabao's five points on privatisation which has led to break down of may ordinary families. He is no doubt a chess piece placed on the top level leading team within the Chinese government by the global financial elite club.

0811子弟: 从他上位以来铁路私有化以及力挺转基因等一系列做法来看,他或是温留下的一枚棋子。

Since he became premier, all he has done is to privatise railway and campaign for GMO. He must be Wen Jiabao agent left in the State Council to keep doing his predecessor's unfinished business.

垅上行者: 同是邓氏家奴.

They are both the hired guns of Deng Xiaoping family [headed by Deng's godfather figure cripple son - Multipletext].


For a man to become a premier, he not only needs to be able to manage state affairs, but have support from the public. Yet Li Keqiang has none of them.

习以为强01: 掌门人不在家,家贼勾外鬼,图谋不轨.

When Xi Jinping, the head of the state, left the country through the front gate, Li Keqiang opens the back door for thieves.


I said long time ago, President Xi ought to not go overseas often. He should stay in his commanding position in Beijing like Chairmen Mao did before.



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