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When darkness rules the day in Beijing

7 June 2013

Chinese capital sank into darkness at 8:40 am on June 7 as Premier Li Keqiang is in charge of the national affairs.

Here are some interesting online comments posted by China's cyber users about the dark Beijing :

新华网: 北部地区似乎进入“黑暗模式”。

North of the city has switched to a dark mode.

大草原2008: 靠--“天黑了"

Darkness falls.

perigee: 妖孽横行,天有异象。

It's the sign that demons are currently running wild.

看九洲: 天意已见。

The higher force in the universe is letting us know it is very unhappy with China's present situation.

纸船明烛照天烧: 人在做,天在看,孽障横行天朝,忠良惨遭阴谋.

Heaven is watching. In today's China good people are locked behind bars while evil guys are promoted to high offices [in State Council and in Chongqing - Multipletext].

Heaven Above! Beijing in the Mid of June


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