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120 Died in a factory Fire!
Why? The Fire Escape Doors were locked

4 June 2013

It was in the early morning of June 3 when 39-year old peasant worker entered cramped workshop. Time was just 5:30am, but the 600 workers at the poultry factory have to begin their working day before sunrise, as they are so ordered by their boss, a private businessman, despite it is against China's current labour law which has already been criticized for pro-business and discriminate against workers. Half an hour later at six past six, she suddenly heard someone shouted "fire", and when she raised her head to look around, she saw the workshop was shrouded in flame. And then all lights went off.

"I immediately ran towards the exit but found the doors were locked, so I had to dash to another workshop to find a way out," the lucky survivor recounted her ordeal to Chinese journalists. Many of her worker mates were not so lucky: 120 died and around 50 injured.

The villagers living nearby also told the journalists that they heard loud bangs before and during the fire that burned the single storey steel framed factory to the ground. When they hurried to the scene, they found all gates were locked, and after the villagers broke the doors, they saw dozens of bodies lying on the floor, some already died while others were still alive.

Now we know the block of the access to the fire escape routes is the main cause of the massive death tool, the next question is why the company locked the doors when hundreds people working inside?

The answer reveals an even more cruel nature of many private business people in China than the fire that destroyed over a hundred lives: The company ignored the workplace safety regulations just for the purpose of preventing workers from walking around. And the more disturbing fact is such inhuman staff management practice is not uncommon among private enterprises in China. To them, their workers are mere tools for them to extract profit (红利).

Since the poultry factory started its business in 2009, it has successfully extracted a handsome amount of profit from poor peasant labours in such an unlawful and unethical way. Mind you, during that period, current Chongqing Mayor and Monsanto ally Sun Zhengcai was the boss of Jilin Province where the factory is located.


Bo Xilai's predecessor and successor: Wang Yang who turned Chongqing into a crime city and Sun Zhengcai who returns Chongqing into a crime city.

China's state-run media reported that Chongqing's gross domestic product growth rate in the first quarter 2013 has been dropped to the second from last among all cities in the nation, which according to some Chongqing observers is the lowest in the 16 years of history since it became a municipality directly under the central government.

More than a year ago when Bo Xilai was the governor there, the growth rate for Chongqing GDP ranked the number one in the country.

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