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Change the Expression of Your Gene in Your Body
to Change the Presence of Your Race on the Earth

1 June 2013

Happy Global Children on the International Kids' Day!
Here is a present for you: a key to switch your Earthly Presence on and off with switchboard accessible from the Wall street & It's sponsored laboratories Only, So enjoy your holiday today as your future is at someone else's hand.

Welcome to the New World Order in which there will be no undesirable people wasting the precious resources but elites from master race plus their sub-human slaves. The latest GMO innovation with food plants making new double-stranded RNA(ds) pulls up the curtain for this brave new era.

How creative and potent of this new generation of GOM? Well, think of this: You walk around with designer-RNA in your body, you think you are free to walk around, but you can collapse or even die at any moment triggered by an attack, not from anyone near you, but somebody in a remote laboratory at another corner of the world.

Awesome, yeah! In this new world it is in bio-scientists that we trust, must (what can we do even if we don't trust them?). The fact is we will soon be living under the mercy of those killer scientists and those who sponsor the killing programs - the gods in flesh residing in the Wall Street. This was the ambition of the Adolf Hitler, now his dream is about to become true.

But what is dsRNA, anyway?

Here is a brief explanation in a relatively plain language by Professor Jack Heinemann of New Zealand, Sarah Agapito-Tenfen of Brazil and Adjunct Associate Professor Judy Carman of Australia in a paper titled "A comparati-ve evaluation of the regulation of GM crops or products containing dsRNA and suggested improvements to risk assessment", which has been published in Environment International:

To date, most genetically modified (GM) plants have been made by inserting a new piece of DNA into a plant so that the GM version makes a new protein. The process works like this: the DNA is changed so that when a section of the DNA is read and copied, a new piece of messenger RNA (mRNA) is made. The mRNA then goes to another part of the cell and is read to make the new protein.

However, there is a new type of GM plant now being made. These are not designed to make a new protein, but to just make a new RNA molecule. However, the RNA molecule made is different to the single-stranded mRNA described earlier, because it is either double-stranded (dsRNA) or it is designed to find another single-stranded RNA molecule and bind to it to create a dsRNA molecule. These dsRNA molecules have important roles in cells. For example, they can silence or activate genes. For this to happen, the order of the nucleotide units in the dsRNA molecule is crucial. A different sequence can result in the dsRNA having different effects, and silencing or activating a different gene, or multiple other genes.

In short, a key to your body system is being cut.

In fact, a few such keys to switch on and off the life of insects have already been manufactured, since "a number of GM plants have now been made using this technology." "That is, the insect eats the plant, the dsRNA in the plant survives digestion in the insect, travels into the tissues of the insect to silence a gene in the insect so that the insect dies as a result".

And in fact, more than just insects. A key to successfully switch on and off life system in mice has also been produced.

How far is it now from mass production of keys to switch on and off human lives? We were told it is not very far, not at all. "Soon a progress will be breathtakingly observed in human," observed the

Here are three more breath-taking observations about what this life-taking technology can do to your body and to your children's bodies:

1) "dsRNA (mir168a) can change the expression of a gene in human cells growing in tissue culture. Therefore, there is a real risk that the dsRNA produced by these new GM crops could survive digestion in people and change how those people's genes are expressed. These effects of dsRNA were predicted long ago by some scientists."

And the proof has arrived: "The dsRNA from the plant was found circulating in blood, indicating that it survives cooking and digestion."

2) "We know that existing agricultural sprays can travel for several miles on the wind and can enter surface water and ground water due to run-off after rain. This will also happen with dsRNA molecules if they are sprayed onto crops. We also know that dsRNAs can persist for a long time in the environment."

3) "There is evidence that the gene silencing may be inherited by the offspring of some organisms that eat the dsRNA."

Now hold your breath and further envisage the following splendid scenario:

When a crucial gene is silenced in human, he could die. By the same token, when a racially characterized gene is silenced or when a racially characterized silent gene designated for special tasks is activated, a race can be eliminated without war. (You love peace, don't you? So feel free to get excited over the prospect of the end to all wars)

We would like to believe that if the above scenario is not the part of the initial motivation for Monsanto and some other major US bio-corporations to start their enterprises, it clearly has been included into their business objectives by now; and if that is not the primary reason for the US government to support and promote Monsanto and other US bio-companies at home and around the world, it must have been by now.

So kids, especially the kids from none "master-race" background and none financial elite families, be grateful for you still being alive today.


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