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President Obama, Please Tell Us Truthfully What You Have Been Doing in China's Muslin Areas in the Recent few Days?

29 June 2013

Yesterday, more terrorist attacks occurred in the Uighur congregated areas in China's Xinjiang Province, with majority of victims being ethnic Uighur people.

The US spies and snipers traveled to Muslin regions monitoring Muslin families and kill Muslin civilians

After the first such attack last week, the US State Department spokesperson told the world "we regret the unfortunate acts of violence that led to these casualties and we’ll continue to encourage Chinese officials to take steps to reduce tensions and promote long-term stability in Xinjiang."

Gosh, do you guys really feel regret for what happened in Xinjiang? If you do, sincerely do, would you please consider to take steps to reduce your financial support and military training for Uighur terrorist organisation (the East Turkistan) that is headquartered in the United States?

While confessing the US is monitoring the situation in China's Muslin regions, the spokesman urged Chinese government to conduct thorough and transparent investigations into the deadly incidents.

Are exploiting Muslins politically and looting Muslins economically the way to improve US economy?

But that doesn't make sense. We now all know, as Snowden exposed and as the Obama regime admitted (if what Snowden revealed aren't true, Washington would not accuse him of leaking the national security information, wouldn't it?), the NSA is monitoring everyone all time, therefore it is reasonable to presume that Obama administration or at least NSA knew what were coming in Xinjiang, yet they allowed it to eventuate (and allowed the Uighurs to be killed either by terrorists or by police) without notifying Chinese authority to take necessary steps to prevent the carnage.

Therefore if we say even the US government is not the mastermind behind terrorist attacks in Xinjiang, it is an accomplice of the crime, for which Obama has fresh blood of Chinese people, especially ethnic Uighur people, in his hand, it will not be too far away from the truth, don't you agree? Then if the spokesman still has the tiniest shred of conscience left in him, he should call for thorough and transparent investigations into the roles of the Obama administration played in the deadly incidents. Look what Mr. Snowden has done, why can't Mr Ventrell have the courage to do the same?

Here are what some Chinese have said on what the US spokesman had said (



Does this spokesman really know how to speak human language? Why is he unable to condemn indiscriminate terrorist attack?

US troops Burned 100 copies of the Koran in Afghanistan

Barney Henderson ( US soldiers burned up to 100 Korans in an incident that sparked violent riots across Afghanistan [bordering China's Xinjiang Province]



Please calm down my American friends. The Uighur Muslins in Xinjiang are just protesting against US troops' burning of Koran and Chinese anti-riot police are trying to keep the order in place for your own good.



It seems the 9.11 attack hasn't killed enough so they haven't learned a thing.


所以这种贱B国家 再捱几次911 我们拍烂手掌.

They need more hard lessons.



I urge US government to allow those particular Uighur Muslins who committed terrorist crimes and who are claimed to be discriminated in China to resettle in the United States.



There is an easy way to tackle US challenges over Uighur terrorism: just to work with Russians and fight a war in Syrian against US troops and their mercenaries.

Poll: 29% Think Armed Rebellion Might Soon Be Necessary

Sahil Kapur- May 1, 2013 ( Three in 10 registered American voters believe an armed rebellion might be necessary in the next few years, according to the results of a staggering poll released Wednesday by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind.



China should support dissidents, rebels and separatists in the United States.



China is "deeply concerned" by the racial and religious discrimination against Muslins in the Guantanamo Bay, and encourage American officials to take steps to reduce tensions between the guards and the inmates and promote long-term stability in prison.

Atheist seeking US citizenship told to join church or be denied

RT: A 65-year-old British atheist who has lived in the US for 30 years has been denied US citizenship, unless she agrees to be part of the US army invading other countries and killing innocent civilians and resistance soldiers when asked or convert to Christianity.



Back centuries ago during the Ming Dynasty we'd already known the true nature of the Christianity. I'm not surprised by the US spokesman's statement, that's the typical attitude of an Evangelical Crusader.



I'm outraged and strongly condemn the barbaric crackdown of Muslin warriors by US police over Boston Marathon explosion [which Washington was quick to label as a "terrorist attack" before a "thorough and transparent investigation" of the incident is carried out - so far there is still no convincing evidence to prove the Muslin brothers are the real culprits yet one has already been killed in execution style shoot and another is about to be sentenced in court - Multipletext]


EasternTurkistan's "homeland" rejects American style political, economic and religious model but call for Chairman Mao's socialist system to be established in Turkey.

Uighur Problems in Xinjiang

Author: 大白菜

I lived in Xinjiang for 18 years, and still have many relatives and friends living there. From time to time, I would take a business trip to my old hometown. I believe I know Xinjiang well enough to understand its current problems.

Xinjiang population is consisted of 45% of Uighurs, 40% of Hans and over 15% of other ethnic groups, mainly Kazacs and Huis.

Geographically the province is divided by Mt Tian (天山) into two parts: in the south the dominant ethnic group is Uighur, counting for more than 70% of the population; while on the northern side of the mountain, most people have a Han background. Urumqi, a city built by Han Chinese is situated in the North Xinjiang with most residents being ethnic Han.

Uighur separatists not just clash with Han people, but have bloody confrontations with almost all other ethnic groups in Xinjiang. In the recent conflicts, we often hear a slogan promoted by the Uighur terrorists: Drive out Hui, Kill Han and Terminate Kazak.

Huis are also Muslims, but since Uighurs wish to take all the land for themselves, they want to drive their Muslim brothers away; Kazacs are the people settled in Xinjiang probably earlier than Uighurs, but since they are not Muslims, they must all be destroyed.

The terrorist attacks derived from such genocidal movement existed since the reform began about 30 years ago, usually occurred during the Chinese New Year festival period, by way of assassination, explosion or armed revolt. To my knowledge, since 1980 at least ten thousand Han people were killed by Uighur separatists, and I personally witnessed three such incidents.

Most of Uighur unrest in Xinjiang are masterminded by the leaderships residing overseas and the hostile international forces behind, led by key members in China and carried out by local "grey group" Uighurs. When the situation became heated and tense, the key members would promptly flee overseas, leaving the mobs to face the police.

Entering 21st century, the separatists also go online pushing for violent confrontation, which further complicated the issue. Read More

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