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How America's military dream began to shatter

28 June 2013

The US and South Korean soldiers surrendered after Chinese People's Volunteer Army concluded the Second Phase of Counter Offensive taken place between November 25 - December 24, 1950, which wrecked American troops dream of Home-by-Christmas.

June 25 is the anniversary when the Korean War formally began in 1951 which led to a historical turning point in the US military history as the war poked a huge hole in the myth of the US army's invincibility.

Here is an inspirational old saying in Chinese: 以铜为镜可以正衣冠、以古为镜可以见兴衰、以人为镜可以明得失 (By looking into a mirror, we can check if we have dressed properly; by studying history, we can understand why empires rose and fell; by observing other people's conduct, we can reflect on our own manner).

We wish this proverb can be of food for thought to the military personnels in the US armed force.

And here is another mirror to help the US soldiers and officers review the past and evaluate the desirability of the possible future:

Whose Coffins Are These? 

And here is another mirror freshly produced this week:

Cyberattack Reveals Personal details Of 28,000 US Troops In South Korea

Hackers say on Wednesday they have leaked personal details of tens of thousands of U.S. troops to websites, a day after cyber attacks disabled access to government and news sites on the anniversary of the start of the Korean War in 1950, reported the Reuters.

The unidentified hackers said they had secured and released publicly personal details of more than two million South Korean ruling party workers and 40,000 U.S. troops, including those stationed in South Korea.

More details at:


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