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An Empty Port Town

27 June 2013

An Empty Town

The possible loss of Middle East Town would seriously upset the overall military balance, so top intelligent I Ching master Zhuge Liang decided to send the troops to help hold the line, while evacuating all civilians and veteran military personnel from Port City where a branch of intelligence headquarter once situated.

When the forces led by Sima Yi, the biggest villain at the time, arrived at Port City to unfold a full scale assault, they only found what awaited them was not a military station but a five star hotel, completed with trainee cleaners and a veteran musician.

Thus Sima Yi ordered to pull out the troops. But his crew believed it was Zhuge Liang's trick. "You can outwit him, boss," they urged.

"Can I?" the boss sighed, "What do you reckon I am? I was trained in lip-service and have worked for all my life lip serving others but nothing else, unlike Zhuge Liang who can play chess, play piano, play sword, play I Ching, play witchcraft, plus ride horse, sail jets and drive helicopters, how can I play intelligence with this top intelligent guy?"

"But when you self-recommended for the position of commander-in-chief, you said you can."

"No, I said WE CAN, and since my expertise is to provide professional lip-service, you should know I said that on other people's behalf."

Sima Yi: O-Bah-Ma-aaaa-ammy, which bastards tricked me into canceling so and so's passport to give Zhuge Liang an excuse to get someone indefinitely "stuck" in that empty Port City beyond my reach?


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