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Al Qaeda and Syrian Rebel take orders from CIA
- says ex-high-ranking Al Qaeda member

27 June 2013
Posted on June 26, 2013, by SyrianGirlpartisan
Video address:

Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri, an Egyptian native, is current leader of Al-Qaeda. The U.S. regime has offered a US$25 million dollar reward for information leading to him apprehension. However, now an ex-high ranking Al-Qaeda member speaks out, exposing the Al-Qaeda leader is in fact on CIA's payroll (US$25 million?).

Here are what ex-Al-Qaeda member Nabil Naim has to say in an video interview:

Al Qaeda and AI Nusra Leaders take orders from CIA, so that is simply an excuse to remove them, and I personally believe that the leader of the Nusra Army, who declared his support for Ayman Al-Zawahiri is a CIA operative in the Al Nusra.

The leader's been fighting in Syria for 2 years, and he just decided to call upon Ayman … after you pocketed millions. What do you expect from Ayman to do, send you scud missiles. He owns nothing and he's constantly on the move.

All he owns is a recording that he releases every 6 months. But these however are his orders from the Americans. Rather it's a hateful division that has been in hibernation, may God curse those who had awaken it (X2).

I would lie to tell my brothers in Syrian those engaged in the fight, I do not doubt their pure intension in any way. That you are being fooled and manipulated by an American plot to succeed in fulfilling their goals in the area, such as dividing the Arab world into smaller religious and racial groups overwhelmed with hatred to each other. You are fighting for when this war is over, the mercenaries and agents that US is preparing residing in some Hotel in Turkey or London will move in to establish a new government and a new crew to attend the Geneva Conventions. The government shall take over if Bashar Al-Assad's regime has fallen and will bow down and obey the US and Israel more than any other government.

Thus comes your turns. You are sinning in the name of democracy. You will be called terrorists and your fate will be either death or prison like what happened to us when we came back from Afghanistan.

The U.S. have allowed us to fight for 15 years in Afghanistan, and have funded us and supported us. Even our amputees and wounded were getting treatment and prostatic limbs in London and European hospitals, not at our own expenses of course for we are poor people owning nothing. But rather from the help and aid we were getting who try to look neutral on the surface when actually Zionist accomplices.

After receiving their support, we are now labeled terrorists and imprisoned for 20 years. Americans were aware of everything happening and they made us sin in the name of human rights, and we later discovered that this is another deceiving lie that Americans use to manipulate people.

Since when does America promote freedom of speech, look what they are doing in Nicaragua, Honduras and El-Salvador .. . They carry out massacres. When did Americans ever provide freedom to anybody. Their freedom is that of Dogs. They allow you to bark but they will never get you near the bone. Bark as much as you like but never interfere with their greater interests.

And I asked Dr. Saad El-Din Al-Ibrahimi, my close fried, who is cooperating with the Americans. What exactly is the American goal in the Middle East area: I have never seen them work for anyone's freedom. He said they are only concerned with their personal interest; that is the self profit policy of the U. S.

Host: Are you against Mccain's visit to Syria? John Mccain who accounted that he supports the idea of arming the Syrian opposition and supporting it. Are you against this idea? John Mccain the senator.

Who does John Mccain think he is, in what position is he to negotiate anything with the Opposition. You think he's going to be talking about initiating the Khilafa? The fellows that are fighting are declaring Jihad for the Khilafa initiation, not for Mccain's democracy, they are infidels with their own democracy, they consider voting as a sin, democracy is a sin. So how did Mccain decide to negotiate with the Nusra Army?

Who do you think he went there to negotiate with? He went there to negotiate with mercenaries, and his filthy agents. Those guys are willing to do what Bashar Al-Addad wouldn't do to the people.

Host: For example?

Like yielding for Israel, dividing Syria and the annihilation of Moqawama (Hezbollah) and dropping the Golan Heights case.


The biggest villian of our time: I watch and listen everyone, I lock and torture many, I demand and threat some, now my head is reeling, I begin to see stars, so I start considering to start Star Wars.

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