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Chongqing Police Bash People who Tried to meet the Discipline Inspection Team

22 June 2013

Violent clashes between Bo Xilai's supporters and prosecutors staged once again in Chongqing on Saturday, June 22.

It all started when the central government in Beijing decided to send Inspection Teams from the Central Discipline Commission to selected cities that include Chongqing, which gave many residents in Chongqing and many citizens in China a reason to dream that Chongqing's true story could be made known to those in the Middle South Sea.

"Imperial commissioner" Xu, the mysterious head of Discipline Inspection Team to Chongqing who for some unknown reason cannot be seen by ordinary Chinese citizens in flesh

So Ms Wang Zhen - China's Joan of Arc who not only went to police bureau to question the legality of the unwarranted arrest of Bo Xilai but also wrote dozens of letters to President Xi Jinping urging him to review the case - traveled to Chongqing to meet the discipline team in person, yet only found herself become the object for discipline.

In short, she did not have a chance to see the honourable "imperial commissioner", instead she was escorted back to Beijing by police. It was when some Chongqing residents tried to prevent her from being taken away by cops, a brutal police crackdown took place. A score of people, including the brave young lady Wan Qiuyun, were detained and Han Jun, a business man, was tortured at a Chongqing police station.

The following are witness reports and public responses on

寒烟 GL1: Wan Qiu and Tianjiliu have been taken away by police and this is the last message Wan sent out before her cell phone was confiscated: We are confined in a room and can hear Han Jun's cry from another cell. They are bashing him right now.

寒烟GL1: Five plain clothes cops bashed Han Jun, Tianjiliu and several other guys, saying they tried to make false report [to the Inspection Team about the Chongqing Governmen].

ThinkPad_思考的力量:What crime they have committed? Why Chongqing police bash people who wished to talk to the Inspection Team?

*天下*:Since Sun Zhengcai came to Chongqing, criminal gangs have recovered to the level when Wang Yang ruled the city.

我要穿越星空: Chongqing police must hand over the perpetrators.

ThinkPad_思考的力量: Ms Wan Qiuyun and Wang Zhen are just two ladies carrying no weapons nor bombs, why inspection team is so scared of meeting them?

静海心微博: The local chieftain's power has overwhelmed the central government.

粗茶粗盐: Chongqing needs to be thoroughly investigated.

言不邪: Local rampage often has a lot to do with their protectors in the central government.

子曰逝者如斯夫: The Inspection Team may need to inspect itself first.

傻哥气得笑哭了吧: Why, among ten Inspection Teams sent out by the central government, only the fifth one in Chongqing keeps having bizarre stories to tell? Wan was assaulted by police, then Bo Xilai supporters traveled to the city were followed by mysterious individuals; the phone number to the Inspection Team is forever engaged; text messages are also rejected! Now cops drove Wang Zhen away and bashed the people who tried to protect Wang.

贞子再现_8828: I bet there are Wen Jiabao's men in Chongqing Inspection Team.

丁宁-999: Let's video revolt against Chongqing.

和风细雨秋月来微博:Why Sun Zhengcai is so audacious? Who is backing him?

月亮上83: It's an open challenge to Xi Jinping's urge about following mass line.

宇宙钓鱼协会:This is a naked fascism.


China: I cry for you!




A Crime City Reborn

Chongqing, a crime city reborn under the reign of Wen Jiabao's political ally and Monsanto's China salesman Sun Zhengcai.

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