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Who Are Arming Terrorists to Kill Americans?

18 June 2013

US President Obama on the one hand is preparing to impose a no-fly zone inside Syria to prevent a legitimate government from cracking down on US/UK backed militant rebels who are killing police, reporters and civilians, and on the other hand is to send weapons to the militants to kill more Syrian soldiers, reporters and civilians.

The no-fly zone option came one day after White House made an unsubstantiated accusation against the Syrian government that chemical weapons are used in fighting with the foreign-backed militants, yet some weeks ago U.S. officials said that the decision to arm the militants in Syria had already been made.

Video Posted by Ron Paul Institute

So once again, true American patriot and former Congressman Ron Paul stood up and spoke out. The following are the main points in his speech:

President Obama has agreed to send weaponry to assist the rebels in Syria. It's escalation of war, since the US has already been involved in Syria's civil war for quite a few months, and has been supporting the rebels for probably the past two years, supposedly for humanitarian reasons. But now there is going to be a much more aggressive approach and the US is going to send weapons.

There are a few problems with this. First of all, it is a war; second, according to American Constitution, US presidents are not supposed to start war without permission of American people through a congressional declaration of war.

The language the White House used against the Syrian government is the same, they use the same arguments: Weapons of Mass Destruction, poison gases, hundreds people died - the US government has done this before in preparation for its Iraqi War. A couple of weeks again, Obama administration was admitting some of the poison gas may have come from the rebels themselves.

The weapons the US sent to the rebels probably end up in hands of Al-Qaeda and are used to against American people.

Before the Iraqi War, there was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Now there is.

While foreign policy as such is back firing on the United States, Israelis will also get themselves into a real trouble by supporting those rebellions, whether in Libya, Egypt, or in Syria. The instability in the Middle East cannot help Israel.

But neo-cons are winning this battle in the US and they are controlling the foreign policy.

It’s time for the American people to wake up and let their members of Congress and their senators know: stop it.

A poll conducted by Gallup shows that 68 percent of Americans agree with Ron Paul and are against Obama regime to take any military action in Syria.


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