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Japan is no longer in the middle age, said Japanese Human rights envoy

16 June 2013

Japan's atrocious human rights record is widely known in the world, but many Japanese do not appear to know it, not even Japan's prime minister. Shinzo Abe openly challenged the global consensus on the definition of invasion by declaring that Japan's military aggression of its neighbouring countries cannot be considered as invasion, thus no war crimes ever committed by a Fascist Japan during the WWII.

Why some Japanese adapt a human look but totally devoid of any human conscience with no respect for fellow human beings' basic human rights? The answer can be found in a Japanese novel titled Black Spots in the Sun by Seiichi Morimura, which depicts in quite elaborated details on how Japanese society, from schools to work places, are dominated by a brutal culture of bullying.

Now a much fresher live footage has been added into youtube achieve in which Japanese Human Rights Envoy to the UN boasted that Japan is one of the most advance countries in the field of human rights protection and, while saying that, aggressively bullied his fellow diplomats by suppressing their rights to a free (audio) expression (i.e., laugh).

Japanese Human Rights Envoy Addressed the UN: "Japan is no longer in the middle age, we are one of the most advanced countries in this field ... Don't laugh! Why you are laughing?! Shut up! Shut Up! we are one of the most advanced countries in this field, that is our proud of course."

Of course, Japan is at the most advanced age - near the end of its life span, that is its own making of course.

The audience of the Youtube have a field day (and one of the most advanced field day) when viewing the video about a bully:

Иван Шевченко: Don't ruff! Why r u ruffin

Taekwon Yoo: Japenis English is most advanced for sure. Hahahahahahaha.

YunSeok Ko: JAPenis are really rude lol.
This is jap's manners.

jlzy124: it feels like japan is telling the world to shut-up.

Zhe Fu Zhang Zhu: that is fucking so called most advanced country. stop farting. so smell.

johnnam80: How can this jackass be so arrogant saying those vulgar words at such a formal place? Japs are so immature... Just like their government.

zhaisiyu1: If that's the kind of courtesy the ambassador has, imagine the rest of the nation. No wonder they invade other countries shamelessly.

Alex Lee: People like him prevail in Japan....You can stop him but how can you stop others, like Shinzo Abe

MsRoute19: Mr. Ambassador I love you. You are the most advanced bragger in the world:)

But some Japanese come to envoy's defence by saying it is an anti-Japan conspiracy produced by communists and Koreans. Other Japanese even become very abusive by throwing around racist terms, and order the audience to "go get a life":

堺 地下鉄: white monkey went very quiet and dejected. haha

Nima norbu: side laughter are Chinese.

therougou: Is this the kind of propaganda that your communist government spews on a daily basis? Go get a life.

So some audience dig deep for root cause of Japanese racism:

Sturmbannfuhrer2: Maybe they can try to come to terms with their history and apologise to the whole of Asia before talking about human rights. Hypocrites.

sadcalifornian: These Japanese are starting to show their true colors. Believe me, these islanders are far far worse than Nazis. 

Brandon Zheng: On page200 of The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang: I became terrified that the history of three hundred thousand murdered Chinese might disappear just as they themselves had disappeared under Japanese occupation and that the world might actually one day believe the Japanese politicians who have insisted that the Rape of Nanking was a hoax and a fabrication--that the massacre never happened at all...

dermajay: Japanese Imperial Army was notorious for violating Human rights.

fd Calv.: SuperKEN607// how can you be so ignorant about the issues of human rights. What the Asians are pissed off about Japan is that it tries to alter the history of the brutality they have committed in the past. When Germany admits the wrongness of the Nazis and always show signs of being sorry for the past, Japan's head politicians kneel in the shrine that commemorates Japan's war criminals as 'gods'. When Germany bans the nazi sign, you guys proudly wear the Japanese imperialist flag in Olympics.

Imperialist Japan tricked Asian women into Japanese soldier camps and forced them to become sex slaves. When they got pregnant, they were killed brutally. Nowadays, what's the mentality of the Japanese? Do they feel sorry for this? NOooh... Instead, they constantly call the victims "whores" who eagerly served the soldiers for money. Is saying sorry such a difficult thing? You guys are killing the sex slavery victims TWICE. ONCE by raping them and SECOND by calling them whores.

nuderobot: SuperKEN607, many of those Koreans and Chinese in Japan are descended from people who were tricked or pressured into coming to Japan to be used for slave labor. At least some of them would be glad to go, once Japan compensates them properly and issues a public apology. The Japanese are man enough to admit it when they've done wrong, right?

Drew Vince: I will continue hating Japanese until the day they apologize for they cruel invasion results in millions of death, those millions of innocent people that suffered from torture such as killing and raping need the justice.

JiPrime: Why is it that Japanese higher-ups are the most wretched scum? I enjoy Japanese subcultures and shenanigans like this makes me want to hide my hobbies related to Japan.

But not all Japanese are bullies, there are still some guys from Japan who feel ashamed for their pathetic politicians:

Geiger215: As a Japanese, I feel quite embarrassed to see this. I know that Abe is totally wrong in dealing with China and Korea but still looks like we are getting other fruits of his policy instead. I'll abandon Abe if Abenomics turns out to be a failure.


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