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Contemporary Qu Yuans from China, Australia and the United States

13 June 2013

Wednesday is June 12; June 12, 2013, is Lunar May 5; and Lunar May 5 is China's dragon boat festival, a tradition dating back more than two thousands years.

During a chaotic era known as the Warring States that was long before Jesus, a great patriot named Qu Yuan (屈原) risked losing his high office and a privileged aristocrat life style to expose the dark force that brought the kingdom into deep doo doo. However, the king was a dim wit 'Lord of Fools' and refused to recognize that the kingdom was going down the wrong road, thus declared Qu Yuan as the enemy of the state and pronounced he should be disappeared. So the great patriot was forced to take refugee at a riverside village and it was at the doorstep of his simple lodge he intoned his world famous poetic statement My Heart Will Go On (离骚). In the statement he explained what drove his heart for his people to go on and on: I'm willing to sacrifice all I have because I can't in good conscience allow the corrupted regime to destroy liberty, integrity and independence of this land. (亦余心之所善兮,虽九死其犹未悔.)

端午精神: 忧国忧民的屈原情怀

The Spirit of Quyuan: Live and die for the interest of his people and for maintaining his personal integrity.

Here is a masterpiece praising Qu Yuan composed by another great patriotic poet Chairman Mao:





Tow Chongqing girls in traditional Chinese clothes sat for tea in a courtyard on lunar May 5 as a way to observe the classic Duanwu spirit.

A message on a cardboard displayed at the side of the road leading to the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands in California: When Xi Jinping and Bo Xilai work together, China dream will surely be realised.

During this dragon boat festival, a number of Chinese sent online tributes to Bo Xilai, the contemporary Qu Yuan. Below are selected few:




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