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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang - A Rat dressed as Lamb

9 May 2013

In late April when China was still in an emergency rescue mode following the Yaan earthquake, old hanjian Mao Yushi on foreign payroll was invited by the Development and Reform Commission (directly administrated by the State Council) of Ningxia, a province in China's northwest dominated by Muslin populations, to promote an economic reform that would allow the Wall Street to take control of China's economic system (宁夏日报2013-4-22). In the meanwhile, US ambassador to China Gary Locke visited Xinjiang, a province in China's northwest dominated by muslin populations, with an US delegation formed by bankers from the Wall Streets interested in China's railway investment. Then a terrorist attack against police occurred in a Muslin dominated community in China's northwest.

Li Keqiang and a corrupted official from Liaoning Province where Li used to be a governor and where a Japanese war crime defender held a seminar under police protection.

Here is what a Chinese said:

大鹿岛渔民: The man standing next to Premier Li Keqiang is Mr Wang from Liaoning Province who stole billions from public purse and now is behind bars. It is said that the details of his horrendous crimes if fully revealed will centrally shock the world. 李克强总理身边站的是亿万贪夫村书记东港市大鹿岛村书记兼主任王成远。目前在羁押中。级别涉案内容据报将举世震惊。

After the bloody carnage, while his boss in Washington used the opportunity to once again attack the dominant body in China, the Han people, the ambassador, still in Xinjiang, announced the US intention to get its hand in Xinjiang railway development. In the meanwhile Mao Yushi was further invited by the government of Shenyang, the old basis of Manchu tribe who is still actively working with Japan in order to establish a separate Manchu Kingdom in Chinese territory, to advocate a collaborating spirit with the foreign powers and attack Chinese civilization in general and Chinese constitution in particular. Then on May 2, an excited Japanese PM Shinzo Abe dressed in military uniform, climbed onto an armoured vehicle and shouted "long live the emperor", which is an audacious sign to revive the Fascist Japan under the direct command of a war criminal royal family.

Then on China's Youth Day May 4, angry Chinese activists walked onto the streets in Changsha, the capital of Chairman Mao's home province, and successfully deterred the second seminar by Mao Yushi.

Then on May 6, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, a co-string-puller behind the scene of Mao Yushi's provocation and a co-executor of roads & land sovereignty transfer from China to America, jumped out onto the front stage and announced a series of new policies to further relinquish China's economic sovereignty that would allow the Wall Street to eventually control China's rail system and financial sector, which is a hysterical gesture by Li Keqiang designed to counter the resistance forces and boost the morale of the neo-Fascist coalition that is seeking to rule the world.


The following are what some Chinese said about the recent events in China:

马霁明微博: Whenever Obama administration threatens to expose the identities of the Chinese high officials' family members who are in the US, Chinese government would immediately comply with Washington's whatever demand, be it of raising RMB exchange rate, buying more US bunds or prosecuting the good official (Bo Xilai). 奥巴马威胁公布在美180万高官家属名单,立竿见影,汇率叫升就升,美债叫买就买,忠良叫害就害,他们这叫政治叛徒,改革投机。



Here are some comments from Chinese Netizens:

远近一棵树: Mao Yushi is a big swindler. No country in the world would let the market freely distribute the resources, it is especially not the case in the US. American government regulates the market heavily. A mechanical technician who only began to study economic subject at the age of over fifty has now been presented as the face representing China's mainstream economists, which shows how low China's mainstream economists are getting. 一个大骗子,全世界没任何一个国家完全由市场配置资源,美国更不是。美国政府强力干预市场。一个学机械出身半路出家的老东西,居然也成主流经济学家了,可见中国主流经济学家都是些什么神头鬼脸的文化垃圾!

一剪寒梅: Ningxia Province would allow a hanjian to lecture the CCP members! Tell me about it! 让一个汉奸给党员讲课,宁夏无人啦。

修心开智: The CCP in Ningxia is finished! 宁夏党员想作死!

燕山老夫: Corrupted government officials have now work hand in hand with the foreign collaborators. 沆瀣一气蛇鼠一窝,贪官和卖国贼公开野合。

xh5021600: People should keep a detailed record about corrupted and treacherous officials. The debt they accumulated will have to be paid sooner or later. 关注哪些人自走堕落的现任官员,并在自己的记事本上给他们不断记录,恐怕是少不了的事情。人民要自觉给官员建立黑红帐,这天下就将是人民的。

红旗漫卷西风:Before Chairman Mao established PRC in 1949, there was no single bridge on the Yangtze or Yellow Rivers, Chinese produced no one vehicle, one ship, one airplane or one tank, not even a box of matches or a stick of candle - all these items had to be imported from overseas which is why they were called "洋" (meaning Overseas) fire, "洋“ candle. 49年以前,长江、黄河没有一座桥梁;生产不出一辆汽车、一艘轮船、一架飞机、一辆坦克;甚至一盒火柴、一根蜡烛也生产不出来,用的都是洋人东西,所以叫洋火、洋蜡;也所以现在还有人崇拜洋人。

The first 30 years of the PRC under Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou was a time to construct solid foundations for future generations; and the later 30 years since Deng Xiaoping grabbed the power is a time for tearing down the foundations to make quick cash at the expense of future generations 前30年是资本积累的30年,牺牲一代人,幸福子孙后代。后30年是疯狂敛财的30年,幸福一代人,坑了子孙后代。

欢乐火马: If we allow the market to dictate our economy, what will be the difference between humans and the animals? 完全依赖市场与动物法则无异。

无空空道人: With such a major change in China's strategic rail system, Li Keqiang would make the decision at a State Council's executive meeting without any community consultation, without any public inquiry, without any professional investigation and without Congress authorization. What a horrible dictator Li Keqiang is! 李克强6日主持召开国务院常务会议,确定改革铁路投融资体制,支线铁路城际铁路资源开发性铁路所有权、经营权率先向社会资本开放,引导社会资本投资既有干线铁路。人们不禁要问:如此重大的改革举措是否经过缜密论证、民意调查、专家听证、人大审批?是民主决策还是精英设计?

非言即语:With Li Keqiang's reform, sooner we'll have to pay tolls wherever we set a foot outside the door, since all the roads and land are privatised. This is not a reform, this is a robbery! 这个办法搞下去,中国人出了家门口,你迈出的脚无论落到哪寸土地上,都得交买路钱,这他么叫什么改革?这叫帮着山贼劫道!

并非期待如此:Chinese railways are built by a great number of PLA soldiers, a great number of young volunteers who joined the railway construction forces as a way to contribute their part in building a strong, just and prosperous new China. What the right that Li Keqiang and his gang have to sell the assets that belong to the entire nation? 中国铁路是全体中国人民通过辛勤劳动、奋进攻关用血和汗水换来的,请问大师们:我们百姓的资产你们说卖就卖,凭什么????

双枪队长李向阳: Li Keqiang endanges China's national security. 危害国家安全.

黑白无道灰有道: Li Keqiang has shown his true colour in his privatisation rush. 彻底揭开遮羞布了。不管不顾的甩开膀子,赤膊上阵“杀出一条血路”,大刀阔斧的为资本开路。

深圳残雪:Li Keqiang is robbing people's railway. 立刻抢铁路.

开窗邀月: Li Keqiang is a plain scumbag. He should explain how he has messed up China's healthcare reform before laying his hands on China's railway reform. 垃圾,先把医疗市场化解释清楚.

明智一族: Warned: After Li Keqiang's railway privatisation, peasant workers won't be able to afford going home by train, and the activities of China's defence forces could be easily exposed. 國人兩大擔憂: 民工買不起車票, 軍事機密被洩.

蓝蓝的天_41319:It is worth pondering why Li Keqiang can't wait for a little longer before making this unpopular move? And why he has to be in such a hurry? There are a lot of things that can be accomplished in ten years of time. 为何等不及呢?十年能干很多事嘛。

梦会: Like this ... I doubt Li Keqiang will even have five years at his disposal. 如果...一味这样瞎搞乱来,我估计他挨不了5年。

实话直说_14045:l knew Li Keqiang could not handle a premier's portfolio. He could not even manage a province - look at what he did in Henan? He's nothing but a shit. Pooh! Are those who voted for him totally blind? 早看李要掉链子,一个河南搞不好,还当总经理,呸!哪个代表选的,这还真有眼光!

临绝览山: Is the Party leadership lost power so the State Council is able to do whatever it wants? Or they are just making a double act? 是党被驾空了?还是党、政在唱红白脸演二人转?

走在路上-放声歌唱: The State Council has dictated national affairs - it is a law maker, an executor and a watch dog - it reports to no one and takes responsible for nothing. 国务院的权力太大,立法行政都覆盖,有什么机构可以制约?

马霁明微博: The State Council has been able to dictate the national affairs for quite a while - the situation can't be reversed overnight. 国务院势力强大,必须有这个准备,很多事情没那么容易,党被驾空很久了。


What Some Chinese Said about Premier Li Keqiang:

胸中日月常新美2013: 瘴疠未除虫害发,又见强人克中华。甩开膀子趟深水,改革红利去谁家?

你说谁是狼: 国宝伴着非典闪亮登场,熊猫驾着雾霾神兵天降。国宝获老美大奖,熊猫获老美捧场。国宝演技无双,熊猫善使伎俩。国宝爱背诗明志,熊猫会外语演讲。国宝养汉奸,引毒粮,令百姓心伤。熊猫拆铁路,转土地,让农民下岗。国宝挽着姨太翩然而去,熊猫端着肩膀拎刀亮相!正是长江后浪推前浪,你方唱罢我登场!

刀客不朽六世: 国宝就是熊猫,熊猫就是国宝,名字换了,野心一脉传承。

Here are more comments from Chinese Netizens on Li Keqiang and his hatchet man Mao Yushi:

不见大师: 有人曾善意地设想中国铁路公司化便于国际化,但我从他们前前后后各种不入流的操作手法来看其目的就是私有化,一旦撤部之后原本全国一盘棋的中国铁路将再无天险可守,剩下的基本就是时间问题。没想到的是居然这么快就开席了,撤部换牌还不到两个月!是什么让他们如此猴急?

举杯邀月841: 说白了,就是想资本垄断。蒜你狠就是一列。


平民王小石: 今天李九条的第四条,先从支线、城际、资源开发线开卖,不仅经营权,所有权也卖;干线估计是先卖部分股份。本质就是先易后难妥妥的私有化。





道德被藐视: 让市场配置资源就是让资本配置资源,让资本配置资源就是让资本家配置资源,然而资源是有限的,资本家会让大家共享资源吗?应该不会,他们只会掠夺社会资源来共自己享用,而不会去让大家共享资源的,必要时为了他们自己能持续占有享用资源,会不惜代价让一部分人无资源可享,甚至让一部分人消失,以便让他们自己能拥有更多的资源,否则美国不会为了资源到处掠夺,甚至不惜让一些国家处于混乱!

愤怒的long1970: 茅于轼的思维和讲话是与习总书记的“中国梦”背道而驰的东西,是引导中华民族走向道德滑落深渊的东西,是西方黑恶势力叫板习近平的一些列实践。



freshfull:右畜们喜欢资本主义,可以去西方世界,我们不留你,只是,你们要靠自己本事去赚钱,不要靠卖祖宗、卖国家、卖民族当汉奸、当二鬼子、当带路党发家。 可以吗?


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