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A Pot of Rat

9 May 2013

If you live in Shanghai since Wen Jiabao became premier or visited Shanghai since Li Keqiang was in charge of China's food safety, and you are neither a Muslim or Jew, chances are you might have unknowingly consumed meatballs made of pigs died of disease from the neighbouring province Zhejiang. That is enough to turn your stomach and be worried sick about the health risks you are exposed to.

But that is still not the worst.

If you live in Shanghai since 2009 or visited Shanghai between 2009 and May this year, and especially if you are a hot pot lover, and especially if you have enjoyed a pot of hot meat from time to time at some certain hot port restaurants, chances are you might have unknowingly consumed the meat of rat produced in the neighbouring province Jiangsu.

These meat slices prepared by one of Shanghai hot pot restaurants are said to be made of lamb. Yep, they look like limb meat, and smell like lamb meat, but they are not lamb meat. When you boil them in the hot pot, the fat and the flesh would separate easily, because they did not grow together naturally, but were glued into one piece with chemical ingredients. And the certain portion in the flesh is from, make no mistake, rat.

This is the owner of many hot pot ventures in Shanghai that would feed you fake lamb.

This is the menu of the rat meat (partly), of course they are disguised as mutton at a wonderfully discounted price.

Packs of meat from rat, fox and other animals can be found in a number of food markets in Shanghai. But you wouldn't know it, because they were called lamb meat.

She is one of many owners of food stores selling fake lamb meat.

They are two of many suppliers providing meat mixed with fleshes from rat and other animals to some food markets and hot pot restaurants in Shanghai. "Most hot pot shops feed their customers with fake lamb meat," they said when interviewed.

This is one of the fake lamb meat storerooms. Do you smell dead rat?

We here come to the heart of the matter: This is a quality Certificate issued to the fake lamb meat by Chinese food safety authority.

And who was the head of China's food safety authority Since 2009?

Li Keqiang - the current Chinese Premier.

Forget about the AIDS villages that he is responsible of, forget about two major fires in Henan when he was governor, forget about how he invited the US bankers who have failed American economy to design China's economic reform, and forget about how he works with US embassy to help Washington seize control of China's railway in order to weaken China's strategic defence capability, just for the catastrophic failure with his food safety portfolio, is Li Keqiang qualified to be a premier of any country in this world? Let along a huge country with 1.3 billion people?


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