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May Day in Seattle

3 May 2013


(Reuters / Matt Mills McKnight)

An anti-capitalism march, that was not permitted to hold, set off on May Day night from Tompkins Square Park. At some point the march halted traffic, and police kept chasing down marchers (at least five ) and pushing their faces into the pavement when arrests were made.

We believe the governments around the world should press Washington on workers rights, immigration rights and the rights of those who oppose the Obama administration and the Wall Street, and urge the US authorities to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation of the May Day incident and to provide all US citizens - including the protesters - the due-process protections to which they’re entitled. The Obama administration must know that the world community, and beyond, are deeply concerned by accounts of discrimination against workers, immigrants, political dissidents and other ethnic and religious minorities in the US, and the US government must cease policies that seek to restrict the expression of different political views across America.


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