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May Day in Hunan, Chairman Mao's Home Province

3 May 2013


The message on the banner read: Down with hanjian [those who commit crimes of high treasons]! Free Bo Xilai! Support Dai Xu and Luo Yuan [two of the most outspoken PLA officers who have become the targets of Pentagon and its paid agents and allies in China]! Chinese people are not guinea pigs, firmly reject poisonous GMO food! Bo Xilai is a good official!

On the May Day, at Orange Island in Changsha, the capital of Human Province, where Chairman Mao composed Changsha (沁园春·长沙), one of his most celebrated poems which is also regarded as one of the best China's classic poems of all time, a group of young Chinese displayed a banner with above message for the government in Beijing.

Here is the poem that Chairman Mao composed at Orange Island in the fall of 1925:



At the tip of the Orange Island,
Alone I stand in the autumn cold.
To the north the Xiang River ceaselessly flows,
In the front a panorama of red hills expansively unfold.
On the water that is so blue like crystal,
Hundreds boats swiftly come and go.
While eagles cleave the air above,
Fish glide in the limpid deep blow.
Under the sky of the chilly indigo,
All lives try to send free of their soul.
Mulling over this wild view,
I wonder who holds sway of this world.

I was here with a throng of comrades,
So vivid those hectic months and years.
We were young and full of beans,
No opinion was too bold to express.
We countered the rich and the privileged,
No more than a bunch of pests.
The memory is still fresh -
In the centre of the torrent,
We struck the water with arms bared,
Waves surged high to reach the mid of the air,
Halting the advance of the speedy jets.


We counter the 3 powerful premiers
No more than a bunch of pests

Three successive neo-Li Hongzhangs, the most famous or infamous premier of the Manchu dynasty at the turn of the 20th century






During his premiership, Li Hongzhang, an Anhui native like the current premier Li Keqiang and vice-premier Wang Yang, duly signed a series of unfair treaties with the invaded Western Powers and Japan, handing over Chinese territories and a huge amount of assets that directly resulted China's total bankruptcy, while he himself pocketed immense kickbacks that allowed his descendents to live in life of luxury in Europe until this very day.

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