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China to Delay Workers' Retirement

3 May 2013

This guy called Dai Xionglong was exposed by David Barboza from NYTS as a top Chinese regulator who profited enomously in the rise of Wen Jiabao family's Ping An Insurance. Dai was the one overseeing the insurance industry when a company his relatives helped control made an investment that came to be worth billions.

"Mr. Dai, an economist, has since left his post with the central bank and now manages the country’s $150 billion social security fund, one of the world’s biggest investment funds," reported Barboza.

And now Dai told Chinese workers that the social security fund was found not enough to cover the age pension and the workers will have to keep working and paying superannuation contributions for five more years (if they are males) to ten more years (if they are females office workers) even 15 years more (if they are female manual workers) before being illegible for retirement and receiving old-age pension.

Chinese workers are furious, naturally, and we believe they are entitled to demand Dai Xianglong, as well as former premier Wen Jiabao, to return hundreds billions that they stole from the public purse through, for instance, insurance share scandal, before discussing any plan to delay Chinese workers' retirement, unless they can publicly answer the accusations made by David Barboza.


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