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World On the Day of Global Action
Marching Against Monsanto

26 May 2013

A stern warning to those who abuse their power

On May 25, about two million people from 436 cities in 52 countries marched in protest against GMO giant Monsanto for genetically engineering agriculture and food while suppressing negative scientific research.

Growing evidences derived from research and investigation show genetically modified organisms engineered mainly in US laboratories lead to serious health problems including causing cancer and infertility. The insect resistant crops break the natural food train and erode the soil with possibly irreversible disastrous consequences to the environment.

Suspicions mount that the Monsanto and other major bio-corporations' objectives are not just making big money at the expense of people's health and environmental well being, but further serves the goal of population reduction.

However, Monsanto Co., based in St. Louis, insists its artificial products are as safe for human as the organic ones and refuses to give consumers a choice to decide for themselves if they want to eat them or not. The US Senate just freshly voted down a bill that would allow state to require labeling of genetically modified foods. When you realise how many Monsanto guys occupy a senior position in the White House and how many politicians in Obama administration and Congress used to have or are going to have a senior position at Monsanto, you'll know why they cast such immoral vote.

China, the biggest dumping ground of Monsanto's GMO garbage, thanks to the former and current premiers (the former premier Wen Jiabao in particular), and the former and the current Agriculture Minister (the former minister Sun Zhengcai especially), is one (or maybe only) country in the world that witnessed police disruption of rallies against the US company on the global action day. In some cities, such as Beijing where the Agriculture Ministry situates, and such as Chongqing where the former Agriculture Minister works, the protesters were savagely beaten and arrested by police.


Photos from March Against Monsanto facebook

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