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China On the Day of Global Action
Marching Against Monsanto

26 May 2013


Chongqing is currently ruled by the former Agriculture Minister who took bribe from Monsanto and forged a secret agreement to present 1.3 billion Chinese people as US bio company's guinea pigs in exchange for his opportunity to visit his son for free and to pocket a handsome amount of kickbacks for GMO import. A man who has been exposed for owning at least ten expensive brand watches that he should not be able to afford with his salary now allies with property developers and rehabilitated mafia gangs within the Chongqing police force and in the business sector to beat up the owners to death in forced demolition, to detain Bo Xilai supports and threaten their families.

And on the May 25, the global action day against Monsanto, Governor Sun's men sent a group of thugs to disturb the rally that was approved by police, which gave the police an excuse to bash the peaceful protesters and destroy the photos in their cell phones. Here is a first hand account and real-time report from one of the protesters:


1) 5月25日重庆反转人士,经公安机关批准在国宝人员严密保护下,15:30左右在观音桥广场正准备拉开反转横幅时,突然窜出几个人碰瓷,将一个装有十来个鸡蛋的塑料袋丢在地上,扭着反转义士及旁观者,要他们赔钱,故意挑起事端引起骚乱,可见重庆的黑势力有多么猖狂!他们对反转人士下黑手的原因是什么?

2) 今天在重庆场面被包围的很激烈,反转条幅还没打开,近200人的警察和便衣包围,其中拍照的手机被收,我由于不给手机被暴力反摔,现在在医院中!

3) 刚才我们在永川区中山路派出所阳光政法查询监督系统投诉,吴科副所长说机器不能用,我们依然投诉但是发现机器正常使用!图片上传了!等待投诉结果!

4) 我们已经从信访办出来了,交流了两个小时了,永川政法委高书记等领导记录了同志们的诉求和万秋云当事人的诉求!要求他们处理好此事,要求他们处理打人者及相关责任人!要公开道歉,不允许他们再骚扰万秋云及家人!等待他们的了解结果及处理的结果!

1) On May 25, with the approval of the Chongqing police and under their protection, at around 15:30 the protesters congregated at Guanyin Bridge Square and were about to display banners, several people dashed towards the gathering, and one of them threw a plastic bag containing a dozen eggs onto the ground, then grabbed the protesters and onlookers demanding for compensation for his broken eggs. These guys openly provoke a fight under the watchful eye of police! Why did they do so? And why were they able to do so?

2) Before we unfolded the banner, about 200 police in uniform and in plain clothes encircled us and confiscated our cell phones. When I refused to hand over my mobile, I was punched and shoved to the ground. Now I'm in hospital.

3) Just whiles ago we went to Zhongshan Police station in Yongchuan District to lodge a complaint through "Sunbeam" searching & monitoring system, but the deputy police chief said the machine wasn't work. We lodged complaint regardless and found the machine works properly, no problem whatsoever! We uploaded photos and we are now waiting to hear their response!

4) We had two hours of talk with the leaders from discipline committee and recorded the details of how Miss Wan Qiuyun, a Bo Xilai supporter, was illegally arrested at a midnight and tortured by Chongqing police officers. We demand an open apology and the end to police harassment of Miss Wan and her family! We are now wait and see how this case shall conclude. .

And here are what some Chinese said about the incident:


Chongqing is GMO patron's territory. Without bringing down the treacherous gang, there is no hope for driving Monsanto out of China.

旋风柴进: 真是没有底线————这得阴暗、下作到什么程度啊?!奉命碰瓷?这是最后的斗争,一定要清算转基因犯罪分子.

I couldn't believe they would go so low -- a group of gangsters to provoke a brawl with the protesters! Are they hired by Chongqing authority? We'll have to bring all these GOM criminals to justice.

**子弟兵*: 孟山都牛不?个人认为它不牛,一年也就那么点收入,很不咋的。它做事的方式,估计很多在跨国公司的人见过干过吧,搞定领导人或者可能配置的领导人,以访问公司或者参加某学术会议,以金钱贿赂,美女招待。一般的公司也就算了,估计孟山都是留个证据。所以,这些证据就成了某些领导人死心塌地为其服务。


You think Monsanto is extremely powerful? I don't think so. It's annual income is not that impressive among the big multinationals. And the way it bribes the foreign leaders is nothing inventive; those who work at multinationals would have witnessed such practice all the time. But what sets Monsanto apart from many other multinationals shall be its comprehensive record system [that matches CIA - Multipletext]. It probably have kept all evidences against the foreign leaders who took their bribes, which make the corrupt leaders have no choice but to do what they are told.

What we are witnessing right now is a sick joke: an agriculture minster committed a crime of high treason by taking a trip to Monsanto and signing a secret deal to sell national interest. His crime is almost known by everyone in China, yet he would still be appointed as governor. And now he reckons himself as a local lord and acts like a tyrant, sending his plain clothes police everywhere arresting and torturing people. Is he trying to earn himself a death penalty? [we think Sun Zhengcai certainly deserves a capital punishment; if he doesn't receive it from the court then he could receive it from the mass - Multipletext]


Even since Bo Xilai left Chongqing, terror reigns China.

同和555: 美国在中国设派出所了?

Is Chongqing police bureau a branch of US federal cop?


Today's Chongqing plain clothes cops are a bunch of mafias.


Chiang Kai-Shek enlisted the help of Shanghai black society; now Li Keqiang enlists the help of Chongqing mafia gangs.


Since when Chongqing became an city under foreign occupation?

曾经沧海x123: 两会其间有新闻发布会上问:农业部与孟山都的秘密协议内容,正是孙基因鉴定的!最后的疯狂了、政治就这样,越输下注越大!

Governor Sun Zhengcai was the one who made the secret agreement with Monsanto. He's putting all his might to take a bet on his political future.

**难友V*: 孙XX的路已快走到尽头!早年他在北京郊区某县当书记时,此人的阳奉阴违钻营投机之本质已经被目前某位常委同志判定此人十足政治土流氓也

Sun Zhengcai's days are numbered! In his early years when he worked as a county chief in Beijing outskirts, he was criticised for his dishonest and two-faced job performance by a guy who is now one of the seven men in the top leadership team. He labeled Sun as a political thug.

矮的猥琐v1: 我们是记账的,狗官!

We'll remember what you have done, the rouge officials!


A banner displayed in front of a shopping centre specialised in local food at City God Temple (城隍庙). The message on which read "firmly reject genocidal GMO food".


Once again in the notorious Haidian Distract, where a court judge is exposed to having repeatedly committed perjury yet receiving no investigation or prosecution, the police officers violently detained the people who checked in a hotel for next day's approved protest rally, including two world renowned scholars: Professor Gu Xiulin (顾秀林) and Professor Zhang Qinde (张勤徳).

The unwarranted detentions were made on the eve of the May 25, with an obvious attempt to prevent their appearance in the public rally the next day. Some were injured during the police raid, and some launched hunger strike during 30 hours in custody.

Here is the first hand and real-time report from the protesters:


1) 5.24晚八点被暴力传唤到5.25晚八点被解除传唤,到现在近三十个小时,我双臂还有左小腿部淤青依然清晰如新,为人民服务雷峰包被撕扯彻底退休,扯断表链的腕表,这痕迹仿佛前日晚的集体传唤中的暴力仍然在眼前。最让人不能容忍的是六十多岁的顾秀林老师竟然也同样被暴力侵袭,右脚受伤,肋部被肘击。

2) 我和顾秀林老师刚刚从海淀曙光派出所出来。五月二十四日晚二十点三十分左右,为了破坏5.25全球反对孟山都活动北京呼应活动,在海淀永兴花园商务酒店915房,准备参加全球5.25反对孟山都活动的部分反转基因志愿者以及顾秀林老师和张勤徳老师遭到了海淀国保和海淀分局下属三个派出所联合非法抓捕。

3) 让我们永远记住5月25日这一天,5.25这天是反动的一天。全国性的对反转运动的打压,还有阳标兄微博的被封,都是汉奸买办势力反扑的体现.

1) We were detained by Haidian District Police by force from 8pm May 24 to 5:25pm May 25, so far 30 hours already. My arms and left leg are still covered with bruises, which are the testimony to police brutality. My bag is torn and the train of my watch is broken. All these remind me of the unrestrained police violence demonstrated on that night. The most unbearable thing is they would physically attack Professor Gu Xiulin, a lady over 60. Her body was struck with elbow and her right foot was injured.

2) Professor Gu and I were just released from Haidian Shuguang police station. For sabotaging the rally against Monsanto on May 25, Haidian Public Security Force and three police stations took a joint police operation, and raided room 915 at Yongxing Hotel, the meeting place for some rally participants.

3) Let's remember May 25 forever. This is a day when the mass arrest were made and the mass closure of weibo user accounts took place. They are part of retaliations by the corrupted officials and Monsanto related groups against people who try to defend their basic survival rights.

顾秀林: 恩......先抓了然后放了,门口还布岗了。

Yeah .... I was arrested, then released, now with police guarding the gate.

Here are what some Chinese said about the incident:


Haidian again. That district has now become a mafia den.


I traveled hundreds miles to Agriculture Ministry for the rally but found no one was there.


On the day the protesters were invited to inspect Public Security force.


Within the territory if the People's Republic of China, American company Monsanto has the power to send public security force to prevent Professor Gu Xiulin from participating the rally by locking her up behind a close door for 30 hours.

宋阳标:这个事情很简单。决不能让国宝系统成为镇压人民群众的盖世太保. 你们的责任是什么?入党时的誓词记得吗?知道你们是为什么而奋斗的吗?若助纣为虐,充当走资派镇压群众的走狗,苏联解体和东欧巨变猴各国的秘密警察下场你们知道吗?不知道的推荐你们去看雷日科夫《大国悲剧》,哪位国保想看找我免费送.

To my mind, the matter is straightforward. We just can't let the public security system become Chinese version of Gestapo.

Wuhan, Capital City of Hubei Province:

Protesters demanded to "prosecute the Monsanto collaborators" (严惩与孟山都搞秘密共识的内奸)


Activists explain to public why people around the world protest against Monsanto and their GMO products. But their activities were viciously interrupted by cops from time to time. (劲草4 紧急情况:圳的爱国网友在今天参加国际反转日的公益宣传活动,被维稳警察恶意干扰,抓了好多人到福田区沙头派出所。)

Henan, Shanxi, Shaaxi Provinces:

Rallies were held but many peaceful participants were brought to police station for interrogation. (宁丁-9-9-9: 战地快报:圣城、河南、山西、陕西等各有被喝茶,除顾教授及河南爱国二同志目前继续喝茶外,多数喝茶完毕… 反转速报:又有三名河南爱国群众被喝茶…地点:三元桥)

More Chinese comments on the China rally against Monsanto:

永远是龙的传人2012: 咱现在是在敌占区。



老工1999: 谁是美国垄断资本最忠实的奴才?——为什么全球都可以和平抗议转基因食品,都可以和平抗议孟山都,只有一个国家因此抓人?


编剧赵华: 是不准反对国务院力推的致癌绝育转基因毒食.



珂南二世: 什么时候孟山都有了这么多租界了甚至还有了打手?

珂南二世: 恰恰说明转基因问题是买办精英集团的一道死穴,一旦这个穴道被击中它们腐败卖国内幕就会如同多米诺骨牌一张张倒下


洞庭湖面风: 快接近真相了:转基因就是那帮大财团大贵族觉得“垃圾人口”浪费了地球资源而丧心病狂消灭多余人口的生物武器。所以反对转基因实质上是世界劳苦大众与国际性利益集团(共济会)之间你死我活的斗争.



做毛主席的小学生,虽死无憾! --- 宋阳标



A number of weibo users had their account closed by Chinese Internet administration. One of the accounts was held by one of China's most high profile journalists Song Yangbiao for his courageous exposure of Chongqing authority's shocking disregard for civil rights ever since Sun Zhengcai became the governor.

One of China's most courageous journalists Song Yang whose weibo account was deleted by authority on May 25, the global action day against Monsanto.

Here are what Song Yangbiao has to say:

宋阳标 (微博): 转基因集团仍在作恶,转基因集团将人民警察变为自己的打手,将中国人变为小白鼠,他们把控着社会各个方面,甚至阻拦习总的讲话被传达到下面,传说中的中办9号文至今基层不知道说的什么。你们还能再邪恶些吗?

China's GMO gang is still doing evil deeds against the nation. They turned the police into their hatchet men and the people their Guinea pigs.


Chongqing police arrested Miss Wan Qiuyun at the midnight for the reason that she was trying to go street protest. I have this question for governor Sun Zhengcai and his Police chief He Ting: have you ever seen anyone marching on the street alone at the midnight protesting something?


Miss Wan Qiuyun was arrested at the midnight and tortured by Yongchuan police officers. When she went to Chongqing police headquarter to lodge complaint, she was sent elsewhere. Is Chongqing police a law enforcement authority or not? Why refuses to investigate the case?


Chongqing authority must apologize to Miss Wan Qiuyun for police misconduct and prosecute the law breakers. People in Chongqing do not have to live under a fascist rule.

Here are more Chinese comments:

新豪哥: 宋阳标将与西南岳飞共享民族英雄的赞誉,他们也许不会觉得自己有多伟大,但他们是冲在在维护国家利益民族利益的前锋,是高擎红旗的旗手,给民众方向使民众凝聚成一股能够冲垮任何反动势力的力量,是中国仅剩之战略优势,所以,他们最容易中弹,我们要佩服敬仰学习他们!



太史公说: 宋阳标被销号后,@宋阳彪又被销号———对此我表示极为“振奋”!——当我们每个人都开始带着求死且无惧的心态来上微博,那将是一种何等壮烈的情怀啊!——中国人那殉道者的情怀真的要被“逼”回来了吗?!大大的好事啊!

刀客不朽末世_73287: 越是封口销号,越暴露他们的恐惧,表叔表哥们的末日快到了

金涛有话说: 宋阳标 被封杀,他究竟说了什么让你们如此害怕?没有造谣,没有颠覆!如果他如此这般仅仅是为国为民的言论就让你们颤抖,那更证明他说的是对的!新闻同行,尊敬的师长宋阳彪 也被封!我不服!我们不服!老百姓不服!警告你们这些妈逼操作微博控制言论的混蛋们,网上不让说,是你们逼着老百姓上街么?

西山逸隐: 说点真事儿吧, 不要以为你大权在握, 人民即便不上街, 心中厌恶, 那种惰性也不是国家能够承受的啊! 悲伤悲伤

诸葛*豪: 我们需要稳定,我们不想大乱,但逼得忍无可忍,就不是上街了!



夜雨巴山8是: 带路专业的@何兵才被封了几天?外媒就那么蜻蜓点水的报道了一下,立马满血复活!

傻哥气得笑哭了吗:宋阳标 突然被销号,刚才另一个号@宋阳彪 也再次被删!第二号只露面半小时!有关方面盯他盯得这么紧,他到底违反哪条法律法规了?!这个处理效率和力度令人匪夷所思!绝不仅是网监和新浪所为,要问谁下令干的,想想他最近得罪了谁,就一清二楚!俺想说,你把网络封了吧!你手中的权力能陪你到死吗?!

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