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Political Earth
A brief history of the United States as BBC's "Nature" Is in a Twist

25 May 2013

Scooter Downey, the creator of the film: “Political Earth is a satirical mockumentary animation exploring the behavior of our world’s 'political animals' — from the federal leviathan to the fat cats of wall street — all presented in the grand, sweeping, epic style of a BBC nature documentary. This series is narrated by renowned political animal expert and abstract concept DaVoice O’Reason.”

Washington DC is the most evil place on the political earth and its bleak spiritual landscape makes it extremely hostile for civilised life. Coming into the scene are a pack of ferocious predators hunting for power.

Their hunting strategy is to divide into two parties and approach their targets from both directions, some from left and some from right.

In this crude and cruel political circus, you are either a predator or a prey.

Entering the financial wildness, here sits the king of the American jungle, the real master of the political earth -

And his hunting dog, the judicial system and the law society.

His mage corporate shark controls the world finance.

His big pharmaceutical and bio-agricultural companies rule the land and human lives. Wherever Monsanto goes, the edible crops are also gone.

On the shining stage, pop culture is like termite eroding the spiritual foundation of civilisation.

Down the dark crack called Internet, the intelligent US intelligence turns the US into a police state, monitoring people's every movement.

The largest economy in the world keeps climbing the mountain of the debt $60 trillion high.

They are clearly visible from the space.

While civil liberty is down on the ground.

Now joining the hunt is a newly evolved beast called the New World Order, the most dangerous political monster on the planet.

This is what left for America's working class people.

So, open your eyes, lamb!


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