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Who Is Ultimately Responsible for Woolwich Attack?

24 May 2013

Who is ultimately responsible for deadly attack of British soldier at Woolwich? British Prime Minister David Cameron and his government!

If you want to know why, you don't need to look far. Just take a glance at this video that demonstrates how militant Syrian rebels supported by Cameron Government and Obama Administration ate heart of Syrian soldier.

We would like to know if Cameron regards it as a terrorist act. If he does, we would further like to know why he keeps urging EU to lift arms embargo in order for him to supply more arms to Syrian terrorists. If he considers it is not a terrorist act, then we would like to know why he labels the Woolwich attack of an UK solder as a terrorist incident.

Anyone who has some knowledge on how human mind works (not from a narrow and mechanic Western "scientific" point of view) knows that the very mentality of the leading UK politicians is evoking the spirit of the religious extremism and inviting the karmic rebound of the terrorist attack back to the British soil.

So, who imposes the real threat to the British security? Is it not the UK government?

UK Jihadist shouted “Allahu Akbar" and beheaded a government soldier.

UK PM David Cameron: He is a terrorist.

US political commentator Paul Watson asked in his article published on Is David Cameron to Arm Woolwich Terrorists?

"Given his government’s policy in arming jihadist extremists in Libya and Syria, British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Foreign Secretary William Hague should immediately order the transfer of heavy weaponry and aid to the two terrorists who beheaded a soldier in Woolwich yesterday.

"Cameron yesterday condemned the slaughter of the soldier by two jihadists, remarking, 'We have had these sorts of attacks before in our country, and we never buckle in the face of them,' and yet his government is desperately trying to aid insurgents in Syria who carry out similar atrocities on a regular basis in pursuit of the exact same extremist ideology."

Syria Jihadists shouted “Allahu Akbar" and beheaded a group of government soldiers

UK PM David Cameron: They are freedom fighters!

Just a week before the Woolwich attack, the US, UK and their lapdog Ban Ki-moon, the former South Korean Foreign Minister, motioned the UN General Assembly to adopt a resolution that condemns the Syrian authority for its defence actions prompted by rebels' attack on government facilities and civilians, and accept the militant Syrian National Coalition as the party to replace the legitimate Syrian government.

"Wednesday's vote comes as Washington and European governments have been mulling the benefits and risks of supplying arms to Syrian rebels.

"The prime minister (Cameron), who is pushing with the French for the EU arms embargo on Syria to be lifted later in May, said Britain and the US were at one in wanting to help the rebels. Britain has provided non-lethal equipment to the rebels
," reported Reuters.

More at "Al Qaida-linked group Syria rebels key to anti-Assad victories"


Two faces & a double act

UK PM Cameron: "There is very strong unity of purpose between Britain and America that we should be working closely with the rebels. It is important that we work with and shape what they are doing. I have always been in favour of that sort of engagement."


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